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Primary 4

Term 1

Earlier this year, the Primary 4 pupils embarked on a learning journey to the River Safari to find out more about the endangered animals. While they were there, the pupils learnt more about the different endangered animals and the measures taken to conserve them. 

The pupils, in their working groups, were then required to write an information report to educate their readers about the endangered animals and the measures needed to help them. This was done to heighten the awareness on animal conservation. 

Pupils learnt how human actions can positively or negatively impact the animals and their habitat. 


Term 3

For Term 3, the focus of the Holistic Assessment was to ‘Plan with an End in Mind’. Having done their research on Weebly on the various flavours of ice cream and resources needed to make ice cream, the Primary 4 pupils wrote down the various steps for the ice cream making process. This collaborative writing effort exposed pupils to the writing of a procedural text and eventually, they came up with their own recipes in groups.


Pupils also learnt how to plan a budget and worked on an ice cream shaker that would be a poor conductor of heat. They then experienced a day as ice cream makers and made their ice cream from scratch in the school canteen, turning their recipes into reality. Even though not all their final products turned out to be successful, they still took pride in them. Most importantly, they learnt that having a plan is a vital component in ensuring that everyone attains success when they strive towards it.



               Our final products!                                                                                                                                                                                             Measurement Stations