Children's Day Celebration
Children’s Day on 7 October (Friday) is a school holiday. The school will celebrate this special day for our children on 6 October (Thursday). All pupils will report to school from 7.20 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Uniquely Us
(Friend of Earth)

Every child is an active contributor. FRIEND of Earth, provides our pupils with varied opportunities to explore and deepen their learning in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STREAM) curriculum. Through inquiry-based and experiential learning, pupils build on what they learn about environmental education in the classroom and connect the learning to situations that are happening around the world.

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(ACE the Arts)

Every child is an artiste. A.C.E the Arts seeks to provide every child with the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. Pupils learn how to appreciate the arts, hone their creativity and explore their interests. Broad-based experiences and varied opportunities are provided for pupils to become passionate learners and confident leaders.

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Every child is a talented pupil. STRIVE@West View, our school-based Modular CCA, exposes our pupils to a broad range of experiences in the various domains such as Sports and Games, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Life Skills. They include archery, balloon sculpturing, beat box, inline skating, speech and drama and mind-mapping. We hope that this broad range would allow pupils to explore and pursue their interests.

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Every child is an engaged inquirer.  VIEWAN XP, our school’s enriched curriculum beyond the regular, seeks to provide platforms and create varied opportunities to ignite the passion and joy of learning in our pupils. We believe that pupils must be equipped with the necessary skills, dispositions and competencies to face their future in the different subject disciplines.

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Uniquely Us

Every child is a concerned citizen. We believe that character is the foundation of all worthwhile success. From weekly Start-It-Right programmes to termly Model Class Awards, we build characters in our pupils by teaching values explicitly and allowing them to see those values lived out in different learning experience. After all, values are both taught and caught.

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Every child is special, with unique combinations of talents, interest and abilities. DA VINCI, a programme to stretch the high progressing learners, seeks to recognise those differences and provide pupils with varied opportunities to maximise their potential. Trademark of this programme includes MOE’s Gifted Education Programme Excellence 2000 (E2K) in Maths and Science, BRAIN Programme in English Language, and Mother Tongue Cultural Studies.

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Every child is a genius. In Einstein programme, we aim to support our low progress learners, as we believe that they are unique and endowed with different gifts and talents, waiting to be discovered. We hope that Albert Einstein’s perseverance, commitment to learning and inquisitive mind serves as an inspiration to these learners to do likewise in their educational pursuit.

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