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Primary 1

Pet Showcase

To ignite the interest and excitement of our Primary 1 pupils before they visit the zoo for their learning journey, a Pet Showcase was organised. This pre-learning activity aimed to provide the pupils with a shared learning experience so that they can learn the meaning of being a responsible pet owner.
Teachers and parents of pupils were encouraged to bring their pets to school for a day. The response from both teachers and parents were terrific. On the day itself, there were dogs, cats, hamsters, a rabbit, fishes and a tortoise on display. The pupils had a wonderful time getting to look at the animals in real life and listening to the pet owners share on how they take care of their pets. Pupils of the other levels were also invited to take part in the Pet Showcase. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

This shared experience was used in the classroom when the English Language teachers did a class writing with their pupils using the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA). Pupils were more engaged and contributed ideas actively as they had the context and content to think and talk about. They were also able to write personal recounts based on the learning journey to the zoo. 


Pupils listening to a talk about how to take care of animals and what they would experience in the zoo.              Pupils getting up close and personal with the animals.