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Big Heart Student Care @ West View

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Big Heart Student Care @ West View caters to the after school care needs of the pupils of West View Primary School. It aims to provide quality and affordable after-school care services for students, especially for those who can benefit from a structured and supportive environment in after-school care, and particularly where parents/caregivers are both working. 
Big Heart Student Care @ West View supports the holistic development of its students through its partnership with the Ministry of Education and strong support from the four Self Help Groups, parents, schools and the community. Programmes and activities are designed in collaboration with schools and other organisations to cater to the holistic development of the pupils. The after-school care services focuses on character building by extending the values taught in schools. 

The Facilities


Birthday Celebrations


Hip Hop Dance and Programme


Sushi Making Activity


Tower Building Challenge


Toy Making


We The Green Champ-Youth Corp Service Week

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