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VIEWAN XP (Experience)

Beyond mastering the subject content, we believe that pupils must be equipped in the subject discipline with the necessary skills, dispositions and competencies to face the future. As they learn best from experience, we strive to enrich their learning through our school-based curriculum, VIEWAN XP (Experience).


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Based on the theme, My school, My friends and I, Primary 1 pupils are provided with the positive experiences to feel safe and happy in school. Through authentic and meaningful activities, pupils feel emotionally and socially secure for learning to take place. Pupils explored the different places in school to familiarise themselves with key places in the school. They were also given authentic experiences to interact positively with teachers and peers.

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Based on the theme, ‘Caring and Appreciating Nature and Animals’, our pupils are given the opportunities to take care of butterflies. They explore and discover the amazing life cycle of a butterfly through their exploration and interaction with their peers.

The authentic learning experiences allow pupils to demonstrate the values of excellence; where they strive to do their best in caring and appreciating the animals found in nature.
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Pupils explore the theme on accepting self and others through various novel learning opportunities. They discover and learn the different cultures (the four different races) and cultural sensitivity in an authentic setting.

Pupils embark on a learning trail where they explored musical instruments - drums, symbols /colours and mannerism across the four different cultural groups.

Through this situated interest, pupils discover that everyone is unique. They realise that they must learn to respect and appreciate their unique characteristics. They also learn more about themselves and what makes them distinct from their friends and how they relate to others.

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Pupils visit the Singapore Zoological Gardens, as a shared learning experience to learn about the importance of animal conservation. Through this authentic learning, pupils acquire world-wise knowledge on why conservation is not only important for animals but all living things.

They learn how interactions between people and others (animals and environment) can bring about positive or negative impacts. The novel opportunities in the Zoo provide the learning experiences that lead pupils to discover how they can play their part in controlling the spread of diseases carried by animals. They will then present their findings in an information report collaboratively after the learning journey. Pupils gain knowledge on how people play an important role in conservation to ensure continuity of life and availability of resources.

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Pupils are provided authentic learning experiences to bring about the enduring understanding of water conservation. The learning experiences provide them with world-wise knowledge in understanding Singapore’s water challenges and solutions to achieve water sustainability.

Pupils take part in water rationing exercise to understand that clean water is an essential and a basic need for human survival as well as other living things. They learn that water is a limited resource in Singapore and it can be polluted. They realise the importance of water conservation and why it must be treated.

In groups, pupils will then design a poster on water conservation and reflect on what some of the ways to conserve water are and the impact on living things if water is not available. They also discover how their actions will impact the environment affecting the quality of the water.
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Primary 6 pupils made use of our school’s learning walls to find out more about the impacts of energy wastage in Singapore. Back in the classrooms, they work together in groups during curriculum to discuss on the importance of energy conservation. At home, they collaborated further by creating a presentation together to advocate the importance of energy conservation.

 The pupils have really demonstrated what they had learnt from previous years of ICT baseline skills. They were able to collaborate effectively as a class to research on the content of the presentation and as a group to do up a Google Slide presentation. All of them had indeed emerged stronger due to the opportunities by COVID -19 pandemic.