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Learning for Life Programme: ACE the Arts

(Video filmed pre-Covid-19)

Vision: Every West Viewan is a talented pupil with talents waiting to be discovered and developed

Mission: Provide every child with the opportunity to ACE the Arts - Appreciate the arts, Create to express themselves and Explore to discover and develop their talents

There are 3 stages in ACE the Arts programme - Exposure, Experience and Excellence.

The Exposure Stage

The exposure stage provides all pupils with the opportunity to appreciate the arts and acquire specific skills and knowledge about the performing arts. Pupils learn through assembly programmes, recess programmes, Music and Art lessons and STRIVE the modular CCA.

The Experience Stage

The experience stage enables pupils to discover and develop their talents. Opportunities are provided via recess programmes, enrichment programmes and through the various performing arts CCAs, namely Brass Band, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance and Indian Dance. Pupils further extend their learning and experiences at Esplanade and other theatres.

The Excellence Stage

Pupils who achieve excellence are given more performance opportunities in public spaces to hone their talents and develop themselves as confident leaders.