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In alignment to our school’s motto, “Every West Viewan, a talented pupil”, we believe that every child is unique and endowed with different gifts and talents within them, waiting to be discovered. We endeavour to discover and grow every child and provide platforms to ignite the joy of learning in our pupils and nurture them into confident, motivated and self-directed learners who then go on to fulfil their personal best.

The fundamental value in our EinSTein Programme is the belief that we care for our high support learners. We affirm their self-worth and commit ourselves to giving the best in their personal transformation and improvement. As we support this group of learners, we set to achieve our belief that they will be motivated to discover themselves better, in terms of strengths, interests and passion. With this boost to their self-confidence, we aim to improve their academic performance, as they relate their talent discovery success stories to their academics improvement.

Through EinSTein Programme, we strive to develop our pupils to be Engaged, Inquisitive and CoNfident. Our approach is to Explore individual talents, Identify learning needs and Nurture the whole child through a Student-centred and Talent-focused programme so that every child has the opportunity to succeed and achieve their personal best.

Academic Support and Intervention Programme

EinSTein in West View continued to provide additional support to pupils with weak oral and reading
skills in their English language and their respective Mother Tongue languages via the following
intervention programmes:

These programmes aimed to equip these pupils with basic reading and spelling skills so that they can
learn in the regular classes.
For pupils with weak numeracy skills, they are supported by LSM (P1 and P2) and ICAN (P3 to P6)

Experiential Learning

Through various experiential learning experience, pupils developed social-emotional skills such as building confidence, resilience, effective communication and respect. These experiences allow pupils to empathise, persevere in building relationships and trust and be reflective on their learning. It also stretches their willingness to dare and try something new and alleviate their confidence.

Celebrating our little Einstein project

Our EinSTein pupils attended an art workshop where they had to let their creative juices flow to create beautiful postcards. Through their artwork, these pupils aimed to spread the message of inclusion; expressing in as words promoting inclusiveness written in calligraphy on each postcard. The beautiful backdrop that carries the message was made using alcohol ink. Each postcard board includes a collaborative effort between two pupils.

As a first step in raising awareness of inclusivity, these postcards will be printed and distributed within and shared with other schools.

EinSTein 1.jpg

EinSTein 2.jpg

Student Support Group (SSG)

Pupils identified for SSG are given customised academic support in their learning through intensive small group intervention after curriculum hours. The support includes providing guidance in their daily homework as well as providing additional remediation sessions to help close learning gaps.