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Applied Learning Programme (ALP): FRIEND of Earth

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) provides the opportunity for pupils to appreciate the relevance and usefulness of what they learn in the classrooms for the application to the real world.

In West View Primary School, ALP: FRIEND of Earth, provides our pupils with opportunities to investigate and explore in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STREAM) curriculum. Through inquiry-based and experiential learning, pupils build on what they learn about environmental education in the classroom and connect the learning to situations that are happening around the world.

It is envisioned that Every West Viewan is a FRIEND of Earth, whose role as a :

  • Facilitator
  • Researcher
  • Innovator
  • Explorer
  • Naturalist and
  • Diplomat

will enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge, values and dispositions to make environmentally friendly decisions and proactively take an active part in bettering lives.

Key Programmes

3R Initiatives 

Beyond just knowing the facts (head) about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and on how to save the environment during Science, Reading and Art programmes, pupils learn to cherish the miracle in Mother Nature, appreciate the enduring understanding of how Man impacts the environment and be grateful how Mother Nature provides for and affects us (hearts). Through their actions (hands), pupils play the roles as Facilitators and Diplomats to develop pro-social behaviours and educate others the cause of their actions, such as reducing food waste, food recycling, saving water and electricity as well as vermicomposting. They also use recycled materials to create amazing 3D art work through visual arts.
Sustainability Efforts @ WVPS: Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Upcycling Project

As part of the school’s initiative towards promoting sustainability, the Environment Corp Prefects, from Primary Four to Primary Six, embarked on an exciting journey with the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae.  

With the guidance of teachers from the ALP team, the prefects had hands-on experience in taking care and maintaining the BSF larvae.  The BSF larvae were fed with food waste collected from the school canteen daily. It is heartening to see the prefects showing such enthusiasm and dare (to touch the larvae) in caring for the BSF.   

During the weekly clean-up, the prefects had to remove all the uneaten food left in the bin. We are heartened to see the “twinkle” in their eyes as they sieve for frass. The frass collected was used as a fertilizer for the plants in the school.  

Through this project, the prefects not only get to witness the life cycle of the BSF and learn about the impact these flies have on food waste management, but they also got to play a part in the whole cycle of reducing and converting food waste into useful fertilizer (frass) for the plants.  They act as advocates through their act of influencing sound sustainability practices amongst their peers.   

We hope that the hands-on experience would spur the pupils to keep up their efforts in creating a sustainable environment and be aware that they can make a difference, as Eco-stewards of the environment!

Pupils clearing the uneaten food

Preparation of food waste


 Sieving for frass

Pupils visiting the learning walls to gather information on BSF (Black Soldier Fly)

Creative Problem Solving

As Innovator and Explorer, pupils discover new ways of doing things in authentic situations through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines.

Through robotics and coding, P4 and P5 pupils think critically and explore different ways to address authentic issues on energy consumption and wastage. They participate in Sembcorp Greenwave Project to apply their knowledge and skills in Science and Technology to put into action their care for the environment.

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Overseas Immersion Programme

Our P4 and 5 pupils who have shown their commitment in learning and excelled are given the opportunities to experience how lessons on environmental studies are conducted in Perth. These experiences provide our pupils not only the opportunities to witness how pupils in other countries are tackling environmental issues but also to appreciate the diversity across cultures and countries.

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