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Physical Education

Interclass Competition

Interclass Competition provides opportunities for students to engage in fun activities with the rest of the students from other classes. It also encourages teamwork and sportsmanship.  Through Interclass Competition, the students forge friendships across classes in the level. 


Interclass Competition video: 

Fun Fit

The Funfit program was initiated to inspire pupils from primary 2 to primary 6 who are above the average weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. The goal of the activity is to turn simple weight losing exercises which may seem to be a boring chore into a fun activity which they can adopt as part of their daily routine. Teachers from the PE department are each assigned a level and they will each conduct fun exercises which are customized according to their respective levels. For every level, the Funfit program will take place once a week during 10 minutes of their recess. During every sessions, pupils will be sweating it out while having fun with their peers at the same time. 

Mass Workout

To emphasize on the importance of healthy living, mass workout is introduced to the students. Students are energised after the workout to start the day right. Students discover the fun in staying active through the workout.