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Health Education

Active Kids Programme (AKP)

Through the Active Kind Programme (AKP), students learn practical tips and skills to make healthier food choices and engage in active games and sports. AKP seeks to provide students with hands-on and active learning experience. The key concepts which the AKP seeks to disseminate include the following:

  • Goal setting and making small changes
  • Essentials of healthy eating
  • Healthy Diet Pyramid (HDP)
  • Healthy snacks 
  • Engaging in regular physical activity

AKP also includes an optional Parent Education Module (PEM) which seeks to empower parents whose children have gone through AKP to instil healthy habits in their child. 

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Healthy canteen (Health Promoting School Canteen)

Besides exercising, the school also looked into creating more awareness and encourage pupils to adopt a healthy diet.

The school canteen was given a new facelift with signage to remind pupils on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also a space to showcase pupil’s work.

Also, set meals incorporating food from the four main food groups -brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetables and fruit – thereby helping students receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs are also introduced.

As many dietary preferences are inculcated from young, it is important to shape these early in life and empower children to make healthier choices throughout life.


Visit to HealthZone at Health Promotion Board (HPB)

The Visit to HealthZone aims to promote key messages such as physical activity, nutrition, anti-smoking and mental wellbeing to students. The students get to learn more about health education through entertainment. Learning is brought to life as the students engage in experiential learning during the visit. 

Workout at HPB Health Zone: