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Brief of CCA

The West View Cub Scouts group is the only uniform group CCA in the school.  All Cub Scouts are to do their best to Singapore, to help other people and to keep the Scout Law. Our Cub Scouts will learn Outdoor Scouting skills, to show a sportsman-like attitude in all games and sports and to learn to look after oneself and others. They would cultivate creativity and contribute positively to community. 

Mdm Zakiah (Advisor)
Mdm Normanisha Bte Sarmani (Overall-in-charge)
Mr Uresh S Kandasamy (Second-in-charge) 
Mdm Shi Yuanna
Mrs Szeto Wei De Victor
Mrs Samuel Rechal Silviya



Two Silver Awards for World Scout Day
2017 Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award: Winner
Silver Award for World Scout Day 


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award: Winner

Silver Award for World Scout Day


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award: Winner


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award: Winner


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award: Winner

Events / Past CCA Activities

Participation in the annual Job Week (March school vacation)

Scout Annual Donation Draw (June vacation)

Sixers’ Training Camp for Scout Leaders

Annual District Campfire

World Scout Day Celebrations

District Hikes

Participation as members of the WVPS Flag Contingent for National Day Celebrations

Commemoration of Scout Founder’s Day

Attending courses for badge acquisition such as the Water Badge, Crime Prevention Badge and Young Aviators Badge

Providing assistance as games managers during Scouts / Games Day

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2018 scouts model pupils

World Scout Day Celebration 2018

Team Challenge Activities
Learning Knot Tying Skills
 Scouts_2018_3.jpg  Scouts_2018_4.jpg
 Let's Bin The Pins!  Learning Useful First Aid Skills
Scouts_2018_5.jpg Scouts_2018_6.jpg 
Promoting and demonstrating our 
Scout Games Booth Activities
Silver Awards for our ‘Bin the Pins’

and ‘Loop the Hoops Activity stations


Scout Badge Proficiency Activities during CCA Sessions

Naturalist Badge


Designing a Bird Feed using Recyclable Materials

First Aid Skills


Learning Bandaging using the Scout Scarf