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Malay Dance


Brief of CCA
To expose dancers to Traditional and Contemporary Malay dance and to build a strong team spirit.

Teachers in-charge
Mdm Tan Toon Lim (Advisor)
Ms Nur Syahirah (Overall-In-Charge)
Mdm Chen Jing Ting (Second-In-Charge)
Mdm Siti Murni Binte Othman
Mdm Suriani Bakri
Mdm Noor Azleen
Mdm Saoyah Md Som
Mdm Ng Ling Ling
Mdm Maisarah


2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment
 2016  Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment 
2014 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment

Events/ Past Activities

1 Performed at Bukit Panjang Plaza for SYF Extravanganzer 2018
2 Aesthetics Camp@ West View 2017
3 Performed at Senja-Cashew CC for Chinese New Year in 2017 
4 Performed at Senja-Cashew CC in 2016 
5  Performed at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre 2016
6  Performed at Garden Plaza@Bukit Panjang Plaza in 2015
7  Dancers were invited to watch Sing 50 concert in 2015 
8 Performed at Senja Cashew CC for Baby Show in 2013 
 9  Performed a Fusion Dance with the Chinese dance, Bangra dance and Band members at Toa Payoh Hub in 2012 
10   Performed at Bukit Batok East CC for Deepavali Celebration in 2012
11  Performed for Cashew Lantern Festival at Petir Park in 2012

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Muhd Zhulraiyan Bin Mohd Zhulkifli Malay Dance.jpg
2018 Malay dance model pupils

SYF 2018   

        After a few months of hard work and perseverance, West View Malay Dancers performed well in front of the judges, teachers and parents during SYF competition on 4th April. During their practice sessions, the pupils creatively came out with their own memory technique to help them recall challenging steps. On the SYF competition day, the dancers’ confidence and passion for the art were shown on their faces. These showed their love for their CCA and their desire to do well.


        The Malay Dancers were awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment for their team effort. Congratulation Malay Dancers!

SYF Extravaganza   

        30 June 2018 was quite an exciting Saturday morning as the Malay Dancers performed in front of a large crowd in Bukit Panjang Plaza. Many shoppers stopped their activities and were mesmerized by our dancers’ graceful rendition of Mustika. 2018 SYF Extravaganza has given our Malay dancers an opportunity to show their talent and they definitely did not disappoint.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri @West View 2018

        Hari Raya Aidilfitri concert on the 9 July 2018 showcased the youngest dancers in the group. They performed a cheerful dance to celebrate the end of the Muslim’s fasting month. For most of these young dancers, it was their first time performing in front of the whole school. They were nervous just moments before they entered the stage. However, the feeling melted away when the whole school cheered for them. 


Weekly Practice Sessions

Weekly practice sessions provide our Malay Dancers chances to learn perseverance and foster a stronger relationship with others. Learning new complicated steps and could be challenging to the junior dancers. But, the junior dancers always manage to overcome the challenges as they have the dependable and gentle leaders among the senior dancers to guide them along.