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Values in Action

Values In Action (VIA) @ West View are learning experiences that aim to develop West Viewans to become proactive and empathetic individuals who contribute actively to the community.

Whole-school Programmes

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Level Programmes

As West Viewans progress through the six years, the experiences vary in terms of the domains, from self to world.

West View Water Day

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P5 Be-My-Buddy Programme

Entering primary school is the start of a new phase of life for all children. It can proved to be both an exciting and challenging experience for the P1 pupils. The Be-My-Buddy Programme aimed to help the P1 pupils adapt to primary school life and also provide opportunity for the P5 pupils to care for their younger schoolmates.

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P3 Keep West View Litter-Free Movement

The Primary 3 pupils were tasked to work on a project for their Values In Action (VIA) programme. The theme given to them was “Keep West View Litter-Free Movement”. They did the planning for 3 weeks and came up with different ideas such as posters to raise awareness of littering, skits, pre-assembly presentation and recess activities. At the end of the 3 weeks, the pupils presented their work. The pupils displayed the habit of “Together is better”. Congratulations to the Primary 3 pupils for their hard work in the VIA project! 

P3-via (1).jpg
Pupils designing their posters and pasting it around the school

P3-via (2).jpg
Pupils presenting on the why we should not litter

P3-via (3).jpg
Recess activities carried out by the Primary 3 pupils