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In West View, the commemoration for the four NE Days (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day) takes place through the assembly programme and recess activities. Participating in the recess activities allows the pupils to have hands-on experience of what they have learnt through the assembly programme and CCE lessons which are conducted before the commemoration.


Parent Engagement

A welcome session is conducted for parents of Primary 1 International Students. This allows the parents to be in the know of the year’s programmes. The NE Ambassadors are also present to extend their warm welcome to the Primary 1 friends.   

Cultural Programme

For the Primary 1 and 2 pupils, they get to experience learning three different types of dance – Chinese, Malay and Indian. When they performed during the commemoration of International Friendship Day, they definitely left the audience in awe.

Learning Journeys

International Students get to visit places of interest in Singapore to understand more about the Singaporean culture. These learning journeys are made more fun and enjoyable for these pupils when their NE Ambassador friends tag along. Not only will they get to see what Singapore is about, they will also get to learn from these peers.