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Every West Viewan is a talented pupil waiting to be discovered and developed

To provide every child with the opportunity to ACE the Arts – Appreciate the arts, Create to express themselves confidently and Explore various art forms while discovering and developing their talents.


Our Primary 1 pupils hard at work creating their masterpieces

Art Curriculum

Our art curriculum aims to support the holistic development of our pupils’ through ACE (Appreciate, Create and Explore). ACE is in line with Singapore’s Art Syllabus which comprises Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating. This curriculum provides positive learning experiences in art and through it, pupils develop visual literacy which enables them to observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity. It also encourages the development of creativity while promoting a sense of self-worth. 

Primary 2 pupils showing pride as they have learnt various blending techniques


During Art lessons, pupils show appreciation for various artworks created by different artists as well as their peers and have Art discussions based on the art works. The discussions enable pupils to adopt various thinking strategies, becoming critical thinkers and empathetic learners. Through West View’s Art programme, pupils learn not only to appreciate the beauty of a completed artistic product, but also the effort and creative process behind it. Exposure to a wide range of international and local artists, artistic styles and techniques teaches pupils to be open-minded and appreciative of new creations, perspectives and ideas.


Our Primary 3 pupils exploring various materials to create beautiful artworks


In West View Primary, we believe in equipping pupils with art-making skills so that they can be proficient in using various art mediums. Inquiry-based techniques are used to instil critical thinking in pupils and encourage them think out of the box, hence becoming creative creators. Pupils’ masterpieces are often displayed prominently to promote ownership and recognition as pupils derive a sense of accomplishment when they appreciate their completed product.

Primary 4 pupils explored different mediums and created a variety of artwork


As part of the curriculum, pupils explore various themes, art forms and techniques in order to expand their knowledge and skills in the world of art. During lessons, pupils usually brainstorm together for new ideas, exploring and experimenting with new techniques as they go along. They are also provided with opportunities to participate in art competitions, exhibitions and community work. Through such activities, pupils have enriching experiences while contributing to society.

Primary 5 pupils taking part in building an art installation (left) and their observational drawing skills (right)


Our Primary 6 pupils and their displayed artworks 

Key Programmes

Art Enrichment
Pupils enjoying the process of creating together as a team
Pupils with talents and interested are invited to participate in art enrichment activities to further hone their skills. During art enrichment, pupils are exposed to a wider range of art skills and visual art forms and work closely with the teacher-in-charge to reach greater artistic heights.

Recess Programmes
To encourage learning to continue outside the classroom, West View Primary organises a variety of enriching visual arts activities for students to engage in during their recess. These activities include mass Batik painting sessions, mindful colouring, chalk drawing and many others. The programmes aim to create a positive and vibrant learning environment in West View Primary, providing pupils with more opportunities and windows to learn art outside of the classroom. Not only do such activities increase pupils’ interest in Art, they also provide an alternative outlet for pupils to spend their time meaningfully during recess.


Our pupils enjoying the various activities during recess

Artistes of the Month
In West View, talent is recognised and pupils are given the opportunity to build their confidence as they showcase their talent via the monthly pre-assembly programme of “Artistes of the Month”.  Through this programme, pupils are motivated, inspired and they can aspire to be the next “Artistes of the Month” by putting in effort while creating their masterpieces during Art lessons. 


Some of our pupils who were selected to present their artworks during the pre-assembly programme “Artistes of the Month”