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Model Class Award

Model Class Award (MCA) is a distinguished team award introduced in West View to promote good behaviour amongst pupils.  Pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively as a class in a supportive environment to achieve the award through the accumulation of points. Classes are assessed in the following 2 broad areas:

 (i)        In-Classroom Performance (Weekly) – Subject teachers assess pupils’ performance at the end of the weekly lessons based on the Expected Behaviour ABCDE. 
 (ii)      Beyond Classroom Performance - Fashion Check, Punctuality, Behaviour during Assembly, Bag Check, Cleanliness, Participation in activities organised by different departments and others 

Timely feedback is given to pupils during preassemblies. The update of class points is also done regularly to encourage classes to do their best.  At the end of each term, classes that have accumulated the highest number of points will be awarded the Model Class Award. To celebrate their achievements, winning classes go through ‘fun experiences’ such as going to the movies, theatres and fun-fairs.