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Applied Learning Programme (FRIEND of Earth) 

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Based on the school’s vision: Passionate Learners, Confident Leaders, envisioning that every West Viewan is a talented pupil who can learn and lead; the ALP, FRIEND of Earth  (F – Facilitator, R – Researcher, I – Innovator, E – Explorer, N – Naturalist, D – Diplomat), serves to empower pupils with the knowledge, values and dispositions to make environmentally friendly decisions and the skills to create devices, tools and processes that will promote a more sustainable living for the future. Through ALP, each child will be equipped with the desired 21CC and be more ready to proactively take an active part in bettering the lives of others around him/her.

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WVPS’s ALP is STREAM-based (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and is a culmination of VIEWAN XP, DA VINCI, the school’s Science Curriculum as well as the school’s Leadership Programme.  It is tiered to cater to different segments of pupils so that pupils are endowed with varied opportunities to broaden their horizons and be the best they can be in making a positive impact on the environment.  This is aligned to the school’s mission: A vibrant school where we strive to do our best


West View’s ALP curriculum seeks to enable pupils to understand the interdependency between Man and the environment. Through the programme, pupils will be provided opportunities to harness Science and Technology collaboratively to alleviate the negative impacts resulted from the human activities and be more responsible for their actions towards the environment.       

 Objectives of FRIEND of Earth: 
     1)    appreciate and explore how environment affect us; 
     2)    explore Man’s impact on the environment; 
     3)    experience and commit to excellence their actions to reduce the impact through STREAM and 3Rs; 
     4)    equip pupils with the desired 21CC and be more ready to proactively take an active part in bettering the             lives of others around him/her.



In WVPS, we envision that every West Viewan is a passionate learner who will not only enjoy learning but also feel confident and motivated to make a difference and go on to fulfil his/her potential. We believe that when every pupil has the joy and passion for what he or she learns, they will have the necessary confidence and motivation to work towards their desired goals. As such, our school seeks to provide platforms and create varied opportunities in our school enriched curriculum, VIEWAN XP (Experience), to ignite the passion and joy of learning in pupils and ultimately mould them into caring and confident individuals who will take actions to live their passion every day and for the future.
Beyond the regular curriculum, the core components of this enriched curriculum – 
VIEWAN XP – is Values-driven, Interest-based, Exploratory subjects, World-wise knowledge, Authentic learning and Novel opportunities.
For this year, Primary 1 pupils will be discovering and learning about the school environment so that they will feel safe and secure and look forward to coming to school daily to learn. Primary 2 pupils will be visiting the Singapore Discovery Centre and learn about the importance of being safe and prepared at all times. Primary 3 pupils will be watching the Gruffalo Play at a theatre to learn about how different characters in the story before they work in teams to present in a Reader’s Theatre. Primary 4 will visit the River Safari, as a shared learning experience, to learn about the important role they play in the circle of life and present their newfound knowledge on animal conservation in an information booklet. Primary 5 will visit the NEWater Outdoor Classroom to learn Singapore’s water challenges and solutions to achieve water sustainability and persuade an audience to make a commitment and part in this endeavour.


P5 VIEWAN XP to NEWATER Visitor Centre                             P4 VIEWAN XP to River Safari
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P3 VIEWAN XP on Animal Diversity                                           P3 VIEWAN XP to Gruffalo Play
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P2 VIEWAN XP to Singapore Discovery Centre                         P1 VIEWAN XP to Zoo
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Earth Week 2019

Our inaugural Earth Week went into full swing on 22 April 2019  when our ALP and ED Task Force teams joined forces to engage all West Viewans to play their part in caring for the Earth.  We are most proud of our Environment Corp and Green Warriors who have, at their respective recesses, guided the rest of the pupils in the proper way of handling the recyclables and food wastes.  They have applied what they have learnt from their training and we look forward to see them lead the way to be FRIEND of Earth.  Active participation from the pupils was observed as they not only consciously ensured that they dispose their wastes correctly but also pledged through SLS to make the Earth a better place to live in.


The school has recently installed 2 sets of Food Waste Digesters in its effort towards FRIEND of Earth. The food waste digester converts food waste into nutrient-rich compost which can be used in our school gardens. This reduces our carbon footprint as well as the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills. 

While it is heartening to see our pupils taking steps to be more environmentally friendly, observations from the amount of food that is thrown away during recess showed that much can be done to reduce food wastage. We will be working with the canteen vendors on this and though it will take greater effort from everyone in the school, it will definitely bring us closer to achieving ZERO WASTE each day!  

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