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This year’s Star Awards, Celebrating Success, is in line with our school’s belief in acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our pupils, not only for their academic excellence, but also their outstanding performance in the Aesthetics.

This year, through the theme, our pupils in the CCA performing arts put up a magnificent performance comprising the various Singapore Youth Festival 2016 art presentations. These performers have achieved commendation and distinction awards. After going through the school’s unique signature programme, STRIVE, pupils wowed the audience with their beatboxing and STOMP performances. The guests also received balloon sculptures which were handmade by our Primary 5 pupils. We were proud to have Mr Liang Eng Hwa, Grassroots Advisor to Holland-Bukit Timah GROs and his grassroots representatives.

We followed the uncovering of a time capsule through our student emcees, Jan and Hakim. In the time capsule were items which symbolises the various programmes which every West Viewan would have gone through after going through 6 years of education in the school. The boys were gratified by all the big and small happenings that they have gone through and accomplished.

Apart from acknowledging and showcasing our pupils’ accomplishments, we also acknowledged the support from our partners in education as well as the dedication from our teachers. It is with this synergistic partnership that we share, we are able to provide such rich experiences of schooling for our pupils.