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Scouts Sixers Training Camp (STC) 2016

14 of our Primary 5 and 6 scouts were selected to participate in the North Area Sixers Training Camp (STC). It was a 3 day, 2 night course that was hosted by Nanyang Primary School. The course aimed at inculcating values, leadership skills and to aspire cub scouts to excel in their appointment as Sixers and Senior Sixers.

Our scouts participated in several activities such as a night confidence walk held in the premises of Nanyang Primary. Important life skills like basic first aid and leadership values- inculcated through a series of interactive games- were also imparted to the participating scouts. Another activity was a hike through the Botanic Gardens. Braving the heat, our contingent of scouts were led by Senior Sixers Magaa Lakshmi Dhinakaran (6E) and Sheena Tan (6B). They guided our scouts through the gardens in their quest to identify selected trees and plants.

The main highlight of the STC was the North Area Campfire where scout packs had a chance to perform dances and sing songs to their peers. The campfire was also attended by our Primary 3, 4 and 6 scouts. It was heartening to know that our younger scouts stated their intended aspirations to become Sixers in the near future.

All in all, our scouts had an enjoyable time. They left the STC feeling exhausted but grateful at having learnt new skills, cultivated new friendships and also earning the purple Sixers scarf.

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