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Model Class Award

The model class award is a prestigious award for all West Viewans to strive for as a class. Adapting Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, this award provides numerous opportunities for pupils to display the desired habits and also work together to accumulate points throughout the whole academic year. Teachers will award points to classes that show good behaviour, camaraderie and discipline in instances such as maintaining class cleanliness, displaying good behaviour during activities carried out, working together to attain the most improved performance in examinations and many more.

After working so hard for the whole of semester 1, the results are finally out and the winners were provided with a massive and exciting treat.

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On 15 July, the model classes of West View received the reward of being the role models in Term 2. The Primary 1 pupils had a special dance lesson in the hall whereby they had the opportunity to enjoy dancing with the School Leaders and selected teachers!

The Primary 2 to Primary 6 model classes went on a trip to the Esplanade. During the trip, they practised displaying the school values and seven habits while they learnt about the concert hall, how sound travels, reverbations and vibrations. The pupils also enjoyed a concert titled “TiGaia” where they had the chance to learn about the different musical instruments from the various ethnic groups, play angklungs and enjoy the music that was being performed. The pupils enjoyed listening to the sounds of the pipa, the gambus, the bansuri and darbuka etc. It was a delightful and entertaining afternoon; a memorable experience indeed!

Model-class 1.jpg
Primary 1 Creative enjoying their special dancing lesson.

Model-class 2.jpg

Having lunch before going to the Esplanade

Model-class 3.jpg
Excited faces, all ready to enjoy being at Esplanade

Model-class 4.jpg
Enjoying the concert and playing angkluangs