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Notes of appreciation from CPDD Maths to Mrs Esther Chan and Ms Diana Low for their sharing at ICAN Maths Symposium.

We are very pleased to receive notes of appreciation from CPDD Maths to Mrs Esther Chan and Ms Diana Low for their sharing at ICAN Maths Symposium. We know for sure that our children are the ultimate beneficiaries of these innovative teaching practices. Well done, Esther and Diana.

Mdm Ng Ling received a letter of appreciation forLing’s active participation in the CL-IM NLC .

We are very glad to receive a letter of appreciation for Mdm Ng Ling Ling’s active participation in the CL-IM NLC (Composition Writing) this year with Singapore Centre for Chinese Language where teachers from different schools to to co-construct knowledge and skills in the implementation of effective teaching pedagogies. We would also like to thank her for the professional sharing with the other members during the NLC meetings. To me, I am most glad to note that her involvement has more importantly inspired the other CL teachers to bring about greater student interest and engagement in learning CL.

Sharing By Mdm Nisha on 'Using SPACE & Perspective-taking Strategies to Ace Video Conversation'.

Mdm Nisha conducted a sharing on 'Using SPACE & Perspective-taking Strategies to Ace Video Conversation' at Chua Chu Kang Sec Sch on 13 Sept 2017.This strategy is by our TL colleagues to enthuse our pupils to be more confident users of the language. Her sharing was well-received by the TL Master Teacher and the participants from the West Cluster 5 Champion Group.

MOE CPDD (Maths Unit) acknowledged their thanks to Mrs Esther Chan as the Cluster Maths Mentor (CMM) to support the low progress learners in W5 cluster through the ICAN Project.

Mrs Chan has conducted a series of workshops, namely three workshops for teachers supporting low progress students on Talk Moves at Cluster Level, a workshop for teachers and supporting low progress students on Big Ideas and Application of ICAN strategies in Fractions at Cluster Level, preparing to present on Memory Techniques and Maths Talk for low progress learners at the upcoming ICAN Symposium 2017 on 1 November 2017. As a co-presenter, she has contributed significantly in planning the content of these sharing and workshops, which were well-received by HODs and teachers. The participants gave feedback that they have benefited from the workshops and appreciated the well-thought through content and delivery.

Sharing by Mdm Yow Ai Hui at the HOD ICT LAMP+ Programme.

MOE Educational Technologies Division expressed their thanks to Mdm Yow Ai Hui for taking her time out of her busy schedule to share at the HOD ICT LAMP+ Programme on 4 Aug 2017.The participants have benefitted from her sharing as she was able to share our school’s whole-school approach towards the implementation of Cyber Wellness (CW) education and her experience as a HOD ICT. Her personal and sincere sharing had encouraged the hearts of the participants. It has inspired them to want to work more closely with their key stakeholders to further implement CW education in schools.

Congratulations to Mdm Reina and Mr Namdi on their receipt of National Awards Awards (2017) for the Long Service Medal.

Congratulations to our female teachers who represented West View at the W5 Cluster Harmony Cup on 5th May. They came in second for the netball tournament.

W5 Harmony Cup.jpg

Our Vice-Principal Mr Quek represented Singapore in a regional frisbee tournament in Kuala Lumpur. His team won the gold medal in the tournament.

Mr Quek.jpg

Our Malay Language teachers ​Mdm Haryati and Ms Syahirah presented a paper on 14 March 2017 at the National Malay Language Seminar. The sharing is on teaching nouns to the lower primary pupils.

Malay Seminar.jpg

West View Primary School has been awarded the Water Efficient Building by PUB in recognition of our efforts to preserve our nation's precious water resources.