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Star Awards 2022

Join us in "Discovering Strengths, Uncovering Talents" at West View Primary's annual Star Awards. Journey with us as we share with you our holistic development and learning experiences, celebrating our pupils' milestones and achievements.

Good Progress Award for Chinese Language

The Good Progress Award for Chinese Language has been set up to encourage and reward Singaporean primary students for their efforts in learning Chinese Language. The award is given to the student in P3 to P6 level who has shown the greatest improvement in the learning of Chinese Language based on his or her overall performance for Chinese in 2022. Each winner will receive $50 popular vouchers and a certificate.  

 We are pleased to announce the winners for the 2022 Good Progress Award for Chinese Language.
Aden Tay Kau Rui - 3 Confidence.jpgP3 Level
Aden Tay Kai Rui
Ang Jia En - 4 Confidence.jpgP4 Level
Ang Jia En
Low Yan Kai - 5 Brilliance.jpgP5 Level
Low Yan Kai
Ong Yu Tong Nicole - 6 Dilligence.jpgP6 Level
Ong Yu Tong Nicole

5th Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

7 pupils from Chinese Culture and Language Society took part in 5th  Text Recital Competition and receive Siver and Bronze Awards. We appreciate their efforts and hope that they will inspire others.  Congratulations to these pupils!

International Chinese Language Competition

Malay Language Cultural Competition

Pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 5 participated in various competitions organised by Malay Department in lieu of Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language month). 

Malay Language Story Telling Competition ‘Saya Boleh Bercerita’

3 pupils from primary 2, 3 and 4 participated in Online Story Telling Competition, ‘Saya Boleh Bercerita’, meaning ‘I can Tell a Story’ organised by NUSA in lieu of the Malay Language month. They have won themselves Gold and Bronze awards for their participation.

2022 National Vlog Competition for Primary School

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad & Raffles Science Olympiad

A group of pupils participated in both the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad and Raffles Science Olympiad. Both Science Olympiads seek to cultivate enthusiasm and instill a passion for science. It is also a platform to nurture talents in the Sciences.

We are proud to have the following 2 pupils receiving an award from the Science Olympiad.

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) 

A group of pupils participated in the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore this year. It aims to generate greater interest in Mathematics among pupils and provide an avenue to challenge and stretch our pupils’ mathematical potential.  

We are proud to have the following 2 pupils receiving Honourable Mention from the Math Olympiad.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School (SMOPS) aim to generate greater interest in Mathematics among pupils in primary schools.

15th Annual Mathlympics

Our P4 pupils participated in 15th Annual Mathlympics organised by Learners’ Connections. They competed with other schools across Singapore.

We presented a certificate to one pupil who have performed well.

35th YMCA Plain English-Speaking Awards (PESA)

5 of our Upper Primary pupils took part in the 35th YMCA Plain English-Speaking Awards (PESA) 2022 in May 2022.

Each of them had to convey a convincing message to the audience with clarity while using appropriate language. They went on to submit their video recordings of their chosen topics.

Our pupils gave their best efforts in this competition with their insightful and informative speeches. They received a Certificate of Participation for their enthusiastic efforts. Well done, pupils!
(Starting from left) Kim Soyeon and Teo Ziyi Chole from 4 Diligence, Culligan Edward Lee and Jayden Gerard from 5 Confidence and Muhammad Rayyan bin Hafizal from 5 Diligence

NUS High School Oratorical Challenge

Larsen Trea Biluan from 5 Brilliance and Aiman bin Muhammad Hariz from 6 Diligence took part in the NUS High School Oratorical Challenge in October 2021. Trea presented a topic close to her heart on Why animals should have rights while Aiman’s speech focused on Wearable technology and its positive and negative implications. Both our pupils did research to find useful facts. They spent several sessions rehearsing before the final recordings of their respective presentations.

Trea and Aiman received Commendation Awards for their participation. Each of them will also receive a medal and a trophy. We congratulate them for their achievements.

Green Wave Movement

image2.jpegimage3.jpegIn 2021, our P5 E2K pupils participated in the Green Wave Competition orgainsed by Sembawang Corporation. This is a competition for sustainability projects. Our pupils proudly showcased “Green Movement for the Visually Handicapped” – a technology-based setup that will make recycling accessible to all. We are all proud of their resilience shown during the competition.
Name Class (2022)
Firas Bin Hainiezam 6 Brilliance
Ng Zi Kang 6 Confidence
Poh Wei Jie Zavier 6 Confidence
Cabalo Matteo Victor Rojas
6 Confidence
Choi Yeseul
6 Confidence
Latha Iyyappan Jonneshwar
6 Confidence
 Sun Yuqi 6 Confidence
 Mohammad Adyan Irfan Bin Mohammad Kamal 6 Confidence
 Yu Shuoyifei 6 Confidence
 Chua En Jie Jayven 6 Confidence
 Kim Jua 6 Confidence
 Nang Sirl Shaiy 6 Confidence
 Yin Yingning 6 Confidence
Jaela Goh Chen Xi 6 Confidence
 Bist Ishita 6 Confidence
 Chaw Thet Lin 6 Confidence
 Moe Thant Kyi Phyu 6 Diligence
 Chua Jia Yin 6 Diligence
 Kenzie Wirya Harryson Lee 6 Diligence
 Nicole Ong Yu Tong 6 Diligence
Yang Haseung 6 Diligence
Chew Khai Ler 6 Diligence
 Goh Shi Qi 6 Diligence
 Krishnakumar Sarvesh 6 Diligence
 Adityan Vivek Amarnani 6 Diligence
 Aiman Bin Muhammad Hafiz 6 Diligence
 Alcaraz Jan Chloe Lamayo 6 Diligence
 Asher Cheong Jun Kai 6 Diligence
 Alexius Chan Jia En
6 Diligence
 Jared Khoo Zhi Liang 6 Diligence
 Peer Mohamed Muhathas 6 Diligence
 Zhu Yulin  6 Diligence

Navarasa Medai 2022

Navarasa Medai is a Tamil Literary Competition organised by the TL unit teachers for pupils to develop and inculcate the joy of learning Tamil through competitions. Each level had a customised competition based on the skills they are learning for the year.
P1 Singing Competition
Name Class Position
Sivakumar Sivadharshana 1 Faith 1st Position
Arun Srividya 1 Brilliance 2nd Position
Muthukumar Navya 1 Brilliance 3rd Position
Parthasarathi Daswanth 1 Empathy 4th Position
Maha Amberz S/O Sivasankar 1 Brilliance 5th Position
Lakneshwaran S/O Maran 1 Faith 6th Position

P2 Role Play (Occupations)
Name Class Position
Jasmine Fauzia Diepriye Abhili 2 Aspiration 1st Position
Kalimullah Khan Arshad 2 Confidence 2nd Position
Nila Balaji 2 Confidence 3rd Position
Ishaan Ullas 2 Brilliance 4th Position
Sanjushree D/O Jeyaprakash 2 Dilignece 5th Position
Nilani Sudershan 2 Empahty 6th Position

P3 Role Play (Famous fiction characters)
Name Class Position
Deynsikaa Gunalan 3 Diligence 1st Position
Ananth Shivani Sabroso 3 Confidence 2nd Position
Jeffrey Sahaya Raj Infant Adney 3 Empathy 3rd Position
Maha Ambroz S/O Sivasankar 3 Confidence 4th Position
Muruganandam Kirisha 3 Confidence 5th Position
Kulam Noorul Ameen Zainab Nameera 3 Aspiration 6th Position

P4 Storytelling Competition
Name Class Position
Sivakumar Sivapriyan 4 Diligence 1st Position
Vimal Alphonse Raj Hazel 4 Brilliance 2nd Position
Jeyakumar Deepa Chandrika 4 Diligence 3rd Position
Padmanaban Lakshitha 4 Aspiration 4th Position
Solomon Joy Camellia 4 Confidence 5th Position
Azraa Banu Binte Mohamed Faizal Ajmalhan 4 Confidence 6th Position

P5 Storytelling Competition
Name Class Position
Nithilan Paramasivam 5 Brilliance 1st Position
Arul Johita 5 Diligence 2nd Position
Srikanth Anuska 5 Aspiration 3rd Position
Krish Pranav 5 Aspiration 4th Position
Aadityah Viknasvaran 5 Diligence 5th Position
Anjana Ramakrishnan 5 Confidence 6th Position

P6 Oratorical Competition
Name Class Position
Ranjit Ashwath 6 Confidence 1st Position
Aadarsh Selvakumar Lavanya 6 Confidence 2nd Position
Krishnakumar Sarvesh 6 Diligence 3rd Position
Keertesha Muniandy 6 Diligence 4th Position
Sanjana Sakthiya Kumar 6 Aspiration 5th Position
Latha Iyyappan Jonneshwar 6 Confidence 6th Position

Rakan Bahasa 2022

Rakan Bahasa.png
To encourage students who are passionate about the Malay language & culture and to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends, and families, 2 of our Malay students are appointed to be Malay Language Ambassador or Rakan Bahasa to represent West View Primary School.
Rakan Bahasa Recipients.png1. Nur Alya Nabilah Binte Mohammad Endy
2. Nurnadhrah Indah Binte Rosman

Appointed on Friday, 1 April 2022
Teacher I/C: Mdm Norr Azleen

Rakan Bahasa pupils will be given a set of mission to complete. These tasks revolve around skills such as reading, writing, speaking and other activities that support Malay language learning.

Malay Dance Competition

Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils were invited to join the Malay Dance Competition in Term 2 organised by LLP Committee in lieu of Hari Raya Celebration. Our goal is to build up the interest in Malay Dance among pupils.
Name Class  Placing
Sivakumar Sivadharshana 1 Faith  1st
Larsen Kaelyn Biluan
1 Aspiration  2nd
Nur Haziqah Binte Shah Rudin
1 Confidence 3rd

Jasmine Fauzia Diepriye Abhili
2 Aspiration 1st
Nuriffah Faiqah Muhammad Affendy
2 Faith 2nd
Muhammad Syazani Iman
2 Brilliance 3rd

Muhamed Qarl Pasha
3 Aspiration 1st
Pragya Srijith
3 Diligence 2nd
Latika D/0 Murali Krishnan
3 Aspiration 3rd

Jeeyakumar Deepa Chandrika
4 Diligence 1st
 Naurah Syadza Binte Shah Alfi 4 Confidence 2nd
Anjana D/O Murali Krishnan
4 Aspiration 3rd

Krish Pranav
5 Aspiration 1st
Dacon Leroy Trygve Cristobal
5 Confidence 2nd
Noorazieqa Binte Muhammad Rymie
5 Aspiration 3rd

Friend of Singa (FOS)

FOS.pngFriend of Singa (FOS) Primary programme encourages students to contribute beyond themselves and to the betterment of their surroundings. It also hopes to cultivate desirable behaviours and values in students. Building on the notion “Greatness starts small”, FOS (Primary) has been remodelled into a termly Badge Programme for Kindness to be an inclusive movement for all, thus, giving every student the opportunity to be a Friend of Singa!
Name Class
Amyra 2 Brilliance
Kaygen Lee Zhi Jun 2 Brilliance
Haleco Ryile Kendra Manuzon 2 Diligence
Aden Tay Kau Rui 3 Diligence
Phang Yu Xuan 3 Empathy

Singapore Kindness Movement

Singapore Kindness Movement.pngTo help build a gracious Singapore, the Singapore Kindness Movement aims to encourage the individual to internalise courtesy, kindness, and consideration. To help build a gracious Singapore together! Our P5 & P6 pupils have written in during term 2 A-OK newsletter to show how they can show small acts of kindness to everyone around us. We appreciate the efforts of our pupils and hope they can continue to spread kindness around us.
Name Class
Krish 5 Aspiration
Kevin 5 Brilliance
Yan Kai 5 Brilliance
Anastasia Sze 5 Confidence
Lee Jingwoo 5 Diligence
Leacia 5 Diligence
Vasantha 5 Diligence
Johita 5 Diligence
Joset Tan 5 Diligence
Joshita 5 Diligence
Sophia Lee 5 Diligence
Yeo Yu Lin 5 Diligence
Eshan 5 Diligence
Heng Jing Wen 5 Diligence
Vionna Mah 5 Diligence
Annabelle Tan 5 Diligence
Mark Lim 5 Diligence
Boyapati 5 Diligence
Shairah 5 Diligence
Nicole Ong 6 Diligence
Goh Shi Qi 6 Diligence
Samantha Tong 6 Diligence
Mirrah 6 Diligence
Moe Thany Kyi Phyu 6 Diligence
Chan Jia En 6 Diligence
Loong Ji An 6 Diligence
Caleb Lim 6 Diligence
Goh Rui Qi 6 Diligence
Kenzie  6 Diligence
Jared Khoo 6 Diligence
Auni 6 Diligence
Easias Sim  6 Diligence


SASMO.pngSingapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) is one of the largest Maths contests in Asia. SASMO aims to arouse students’ interest in mathematical problem solving and to develop in them mathematical intuition, reasoning, logical, creative, and critical thinking.
Recipient Name Class Award
Chen Zihao 
3 Confidence Sliver
Sun Chenxi 
3 Confidence
 Muhammad Aqil Solihin Bin Mohammad Nasir  3 Confidence Bronze
 Riordan Suman  3 Confidence Bronze
 Koh Boon Yew  3 Diligence Bronze
 Li Yichen  3 Empathy Bronze
 Yu Wenjing  3 Empathy Bronze
 Yu Zhihao  4 Diligence Sliver
 Low Yan Kai  5 Brilliance Bronze
Cullugan Edward Lee 5 Confidence Bronze
 Paek Minchang 5 Diligence Sliver

WOW! Publication 2022

WOW! Publication aims to promote reading and writing. In this publication, inspiring stories and fascinating ideas and thoughts are compiled to inspire West Viewans. Let’s celebrate for the pupils whose writings are selected to be published in our school Writers of West View Publication (WOW! Publication) for 2022.
Name Class
Hazriel Bin Harmi 3 Aspiration
Siti Nurzawanah Binte Selamat 
3 Aspiration
Dokkeaw Davika 
3 Brillance
Chen Zihao 3 Confidence
Akimova Katernya 3 Diligence
Masyitah Binte Masjuani
3 Diligence
Muruganandam Kirisha
3 Diligence
Vu Bao Han 3 Empathy
Jeffrey Sahaya Raj Infant Adney 3 Empathy
Nivesh Vijaykumar 3 Empathy

Iris Ruqaiyah Binte Mohd Ridhwan
4 Aspiration
Xiong Tianrui 4 Confidence
Solomon Joy Camellia 4 Confidence
Jeyakumar Deepa Chandrika 4 Diligence
Sivakumar Sivapriyan 4 Diligence
Chan Jingwen 4 Diligence
Saffiyah Naurah Binte Shaik Daud 4 Diligence

Miracle Pang 5 Aspiration 
Raaina Kausar Dey 5 Brilliance
Mohd Firdhaus Bin Adnan 5 Brilliance
Adam Danial Bin Sulaiman 5 Brilliance
Nurnadhrah Indah Binte Rosman 5 Confidence
Ang Hui Yi
5 Confidence
 Jacqueline Lee Pei Eng 5 Confidence
Putri Siti Herlyn Nyssa Binte Zulkiffli 5 Confidence
Anjana Ramakrishnan 5 Confidence
Arul Johita 5 Diligence
Elangovan Joshita Priyaa 5 Diligence
Vionna Mah Yingting 5 Diligence
Mark Lim Zheng En 5 Diligence
Chng Yi Xuan 5 Diligence

Aamir Khilji Mohammad 6 Aspiration
Muhd Aufa Danish Bin Azman 6 Aspiration
Ma Xiaowei 6 Aspiration
Marcus Mok Kin Mun 6 Brilliance
Sarah Ashadiyah Binte Adil Azlan 6 Brilliance
Bist Ishita 6 Confidence
Chaw Thet Lin 6 Confidence
Sun Yuqi 6 Confidence
Ng Zi Kang 6 Confidence
Aadarsh Selvakumar Lavanya 6 Confidence
Ranjit Ashwath 6 Confidence
Yin Yingning 6 Confidence
Krishnakumar Sarvesh
6 Diligence
Chua Jia Yin
6 Diligence
Chen Zixin
6 Diligence
Goh Shi Qi
6 Diligence
Mirrah Masturah Binte Masjuani
6 Diligence