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Enrichment Programmes & Support

Singapore Science Centre & Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM)

Pupils have enjoyed and benefited from the wide range of science enrichment programmes and resources provided by the Singapore Science Centre and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Visiting these two places has helped to complement the school’s science curriculum with authentic hands-on learning experiences for the pupils.

Primary 4: Heat & Temperature

At the Singapore Science Centre, pupils are given the opportunity to carry out hands-on activities to strengthen their understanding on heat and temperature. Using concepts involving good and poor conductors of heat, heat gain and heat loss, pupils work in groups to explore and investigate challenges presented to them.

P4 Science_1.jpg P4 Science_2.jpg
P4 Science_3.jpg P4 Science_4.jpg

Primary 5: Diversity of Cells

At the Singapore Science Centre, pupils are engaged in activities where they view various microorganisms and cells (e.g. cheek and leaf cells) microscopically and understand the application for using the microscope.

Cell 1.jpg Cell 2.jpg
Cell 4.jpeg Cell 3.jpeg

Primary 6: Adaptations of Plants and Animals

Through the learning experiences provided at LKCNHM, pupils learn to appreciate the biodiversity around them and examine real specimens in a novel situation through a hands-on session. This has allowed pupils to further broaden their knowledge on the features and adaptations of these plants and animals.
P6 Adaptation_2.jpg
P6 Adaptation_4.jpg
P6 Adaptation_1.jpg
Excellence 2000 (E2K) Science Programme

The E2K Science Programme is a science enrichment programme for pupils who demonstrate interest and ability in Science. The programme engages pupils in scientific investigations involving advanced science concepts. It aims to engage pupils in scientific inquiry that will help them to develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions scientists possess as well as to gain important 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.

More information about E2K Science in West View Primary School can be found by clicking on the link below: