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What’s up in class?

Our PE curriculum provides a range of movement experiences to develop pupils holistically. Fundamental motor skills and core values provide a strong foundation for the learning, participation and enjoyment of a wide variety of physical activities and sports. Pupils build confidence by being more efficient, effective and versatile in their movements. This would help them develop a strong foundation in motor skills and enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living.

Our PE curriculum comprises 7 broad learning areas:

Sports and Games

Pupils experience a range of game play such as territorial-invasion, net-barrier, striking-fielding, and other games. These experiences enhance pupils’ developing skills and understanding of the game.


Pupils express and communicate feelings and ideas through exploration, creation and performance. They develop an understanding of rhythmic movement. Harmony and respect for cultural differences are promoted when pupils engage in the dance.



Gymnastics enhances overall body management and control through creative interpretation of movement and sequence. Working with others and experiencing a sense of cooperative success in managing different gymnastics problems facilitate the development of care, cooperation, responsibility and resilience.


Pupils engage in running, jumping and throwing activities through multiple learning contexts. Through the challenges, pupils learn to be determined, resilient, develop their potential and improve their personal best.

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Outdoor Education

Pupils develop appropriate outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment, and thoughtful consideration of the risks and safety of self and others. All these important skills are really put to great use in our annual P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp!


Pupils experience water play activities that enhance their water movement competence. They also learn to manage water safety for water-based activities. Our Swimming Learning Area is conducted as part of our STRIVE@WVPS Programme during school hours.

Physical Health and Fitness

Physical Health and Fitness stimulates pupils’ interest in physical activity as meaningful connections between health concepts. Practical applications are made through experiential learning.