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Enrichment Programmes & Support

Health Promotion Board (HPB) Roving Exhibition

West View Primary School uses a variety of platforms to engage and cultivate healthy habits in our pupils. Through the HPB roving exhibitions, pupils engage in relevant health topics such as

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Myopia prevention
  • Hygiene
  • Mental wellness
  • Oral health
  • Smoking prevention


Step Tracker Challenge

In a bid to tackle the rising trend of a sedentary lifestyle where pupils engage in online gaming and social media, West View Primary school partnered with the Health Promotion Board by embarking on the Step tracker challenge to encourage pupils to move more.


Health Log

To encourage our pupils to adopt good healthy habits that they have learnt during health education lessons, our school has introduced the health log. It is a 21-Day Challenge where parents monitor their children to see if they have adopted those healthy habits. Pupils are also clear about the good habits they should have to keep themselves healthy.


Active Kids Programme (AKP)

Through the Active Kids Programme (AKP), a partnership with Health Promotion Board (HPB), pupils learn practical tips and skills to make healthier food choices and engage in active games and sports. AKP seeks to provide pupils with hands-on and active learning experience.


Learning Journeys

The main purpose for the learning journeys is to give the pupils beyond the textbook experience to learn more about health facts.Through the learning journeys, pupils learn more about nutrition, how to make wise choices during meals and the importance of regular physical activity.

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