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Department Programmes


The PE department aims to inculcate the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship through Olympic Day. In 2019, West View Primary School organised our inaugural Olympic Day at Bukit Gombak Sports Stadium. The pupils participated in a myriad of athletic events and had fun in the Telematches. Leading up to this event, our pupils worked together as a class to prepare for the events. In the same year, our junior sports CCA members also visited the Singapore Sports Museum at Sports Hub as part of our Olympism@WVPS.


Healthy Canteen

Besides exercising, our school strives to create greater awareness of different aspects of health through the use of learning spaces. The school canteen was given a new facelift with learning walls to remind pupils on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Also, set meals incorporating food from the four main food groups - brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetables and fruit – are also introduced. This is to help ensure that pupils receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs.

As many dietary preferences are inculcated from young, it is important to shape these early in life and empower children to make healthier choices throughout life.


Fruittie Veggie Programme

This initiative aims to promote healthy eating habits in our pupils. Reward cards are given to encourage pupils to consume more fruits and vegetables, mineral water and healthy snacks.


Sugar-free Mondays

Sales of sweet drinks and carbonated drinks are not allowed on Mondays in a bid to encourage pupils to consume less sugar and drink water as an alternative.



Play@recess encourages pupils to engage in unstructured play to promote a healthy lifestyle. Pupils are able to loan out PE equipment to play. Pupils develop their social skills and build friendships as they play together.


Mass Workout

Our Friday mass workout sessions emphasise the importance of active living amongst pupils.Pupils are energised after the workout to start the day right. Pupils discover the fun in learning novel and interesting dance routines too.