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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


What’s up in class?

The PAL programme focuses on the development of socio-emotional competencies (SEL) in our pupils. Pupils learn how to show respect, develop responsible decision making skills, build confidence, be curious and creative, cooperate and work with others. These skills are essential for pupils to excel both academically and in life. These competencies are developed through the five domains - Music, Art, Drama, Outdoor Education, Sports and Games, Dance.


Pupils are given the opportunity to explore sounds in new and creative ways. They are challenged with a variety of musical tasks and work in groups to be innovative in their ideas and performances.



Pupils get to explore various art materials and its physical nature such as batik dye, modelling clay, paint, markers. Pupils are given multiple opportunities to discuss, reflect and exhibit teamwork. Pupils also learn how to appreciate their own and another’s artwork through gallery walks, art discussions and presentations.
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Drama provides the contexts or the stories for students to explore, discuss and consider their own values and choices in a safe environment. Through the understanding of body language, expressions, emotions and social relationships, pupils work together to rehearse and present their role-play to others.


Outdoor Education

Pupils learn through authentic situations in the outdoors such as finding their way around a garden in a small group. They gain awareness and appreciation of the inter-relationships between humans and the natural environment.
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Outdoor Education 1.jpeg

Sports and Games

Pupils have to work together to overcome obstacles in game like scenarios created by the teachers. They also get to design their own games, present their ideas and facilitate the game play.



Pupils learn about body movement and expression. They create movements in groups and perform for their classmates.