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Enrichment Programmes & Support

Enriching the Learning Experiences

As the Chinese saying goes “学海无涯“, the sea of learning has no horizon. In West View, we aim to provide the opportunities for pupils so that enriching the learning experience sets no limit to what pupils can learn. We hope to instill in our pupils passion and promote an interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages.

Mother Tongue Culture Inculcation

We aim to develop in our pupils - a love for the language, and to understand and appreciate our MT cultures. At West View, we strive to engage our pupils in creative and exciting activities to support their desire to learn.

Cultural Activity - Paper Cutting 1.jpg Cultural Activity - Paper Cutting 2.jpg
Cultural Activity - Paper Cutting

An introduction to Chinese Calligraphy 1.jpg An introduction to Chinese Calligraphy 2.jpg
An introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

Wayang Kulit Performance.jpgWayang Kulit PerformanceVirtual Performance Appreciation.jpg
Virtual Performance Appreciation
Making of Wau Bookmark.jpg
Making of Wau Bookmark
Making of Tanjak.jpg
Making of Tanjak

Conversational Chinese & Malay

Singapore is rich in diversity, multilingual and multiracial. As a multicultural country, the more we know about the culture of another Singaporean in another community, the more we can draw ourselves closer. Our pupils will also be able to have some grounding of ASEAN languages so that they can easily pick up the languages should they need them for economic or other reasons in their adult life.

Taking turns to recite phrases in a Conversational Malay class.jpg
Taking turns to recite phrases in a Conversational Malay class
Using pencils as chopsticks during a Conversational Chinese lesson.jpg
Using pencils as chopsticks during a Conversational Chinese lesson

Promote the love for the Mother Tongue Languages

At West View, we strive to stimulate our pupils' interest in learning by creating opportunities for pupils to use Mother Tongue Language. We hope that pupils will not only be able to cultivate self-motivated pursuit of knowledge, they can “learn by doing” and reflect on the experience.

Cross cultural experience through craft work.jpg
Cross cultural experience through craftwork
Learning Mother Tongue through role-play.jpg
Learning Mother Tongue through role-play

Learn traditions & cultures through experience 1.jpgLearn traditions & cultures through experience 2.jpg
Learn traditions & cultures through experience 3.jpgLearn traditions & cultures through experience 4.jpg
Learn traditions & cultures through experience

Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP)

Mother Tongue Support Programme is a customised programme to support the learning of pupils in Mother Tongue Languages in primary 3 and primary 4. The programme focuses on building basic listening and speaking before reading and writing, in an immersive language environment with activities and games to encourage learning. MTSP pupils will receive more Individualised attention and emotional support from our MT teachers. We hope they will experience success to be competent and confident learners of the Mother Tongue Languages. 

Acquisition 1.pngAcquisition 2.png
Acquisition of key content and skills in a fun manner

Additional Resources 1.pngAdditional Resources 2.png
Additional resources to focus on word recognition and reading skills

Fun activities 1.pngFun activities 2.png
Fun and engaging activities to activate learning