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What’s up in class?

The English Language curriculum aims to develop effective and affective language use in our pupils through

  • listening, reading and viewing from print, non-print and digital networked resources
  • speaking, writing and representing in standard English appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
  • using standard English grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately
  • using English with impact, effect and affect.

Guided by CLLIPS as explained below, teachers will apply knowledge of the disciplinarity of EL and guide their pupils effectively and confidently towards a deeper understanding of the language and its use, and facilitate the transfer of learning.

  • Contextualisation - pupils learning the English language in authentic and meaningful contexts
  • Learner-centredness - teaching is differentiated according to pupils’ readiness, interests and learning profiles
  • Learning-focused interaction - pupils working together actively to boost their confidence in the use of the language
  • Integration - teaching of receptive skills, productive skills and metalanguage by building on one another
  • Process orientation - teacher models, scaffolds and differentiates the learning of language skills
  • Spiral progression - teaching of the English Language will be at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication

In West View, our pupils acquire the English Language through the exploration of thematic texts. While exploring the text and enquiring about the theme, West Viewans will acquire the metalanguage through a myriad of activities.

West Viewans are given varied opportunities in speaking and writing to apply the metalanguage learnt. They are also equipped with the correct learning dispositions, allowing them not to be just effective communicators but also affective ones.

The librarian giving a tour of the school library to the Primary 1 pupils

Cultivating the habit of reading with SMM in place


Lower Primary pupils presenting during a shared experience

Pre-writing activity: Group work and hot seat activity to generate ideas for writing


Pupils learning new words through activities and games, thus enabling them to expand their vocabulary.

Pupils learning collaboratively through learning centre activities
Gr8 Quiz

Gr8 quiz or commonly known as Grammar Fluency is conducted in Primary 1 to Primary 6 classes a few times a week during English lessons. It is conducted as a reinforcement of grammar rules before a grammar lesson. 

Using grammar quizzes allows pupils to revise and understand a particular grammar item before moving on to more complex grammatical structures. Pupils gain confidence and they are more familiar with the grammar rules too.

gf4.jpeg gf2.jpeg
gf5.jpeg gf3.jpeg
Pupils being accustomed to the routine and being participative in class
READ Programme

Our Lower Primary pupils are given graded books to read during READ periods. This differentiation in reading instruction supports the individual needs of the pupils where they have access to a variety of graded books. They also get a chance to read to their peers and teachers which gives them opportunities to practise their literacy skills.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
Pupils are given graded books to read before they proceed to do the tasks in their activity booklets. This helps to improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills