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Department Programmes


As West Viewans explore thematic texts, they are also provided with suggestions to read other similar themed texts in various genres. Not only that, pupils are enthused to read and be curious about the world around them through a variety of programmes specially curated by the School Library Committee.

Primary 5 Literature Programme
Our Primary 5 pupils had the opportunity to work alongside with ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) on a project with our local authors in Singapore. The purpose of this project is to encourage the reading of Singapore literature by our pupils with their teachers and the local authors.

Our pupils read a chosen book and explored selected reading activities. They even met up with the local authors who engaged the pupils with a presentation, activities and an insightful question and answer session.
P5 Literature Programme.png
Primary 5 pupils being attentive and participative during the sessions
Speaking Programmes

Primary 1 and 2 Speech and Drama
Our Primary 1 and 2 pupils participate in the Speech and Drama Enrichment Programme. Through the enriching experience of learning to dramatise a story and putting together a performance for an audience, our pupils develop proficiencies in vocal expression, and spatial awareness and stage presence.

Primary 1
P1 Speech and drama (use this).jpg

Primary 2
P2 speech and drama.jpg

Lower primary pupils building their oracy skills through Speech and Drama

Primary 3 Public Speaking Programme
Building on the speaking skills the pupils have learnt in Primary 1 and 2, the Primary 3 pupils will go on to be equipped with skills that would enable them to be an effective communicator. Through many speaking activities, our pupils develop and hone their skills in vocal expression and engaging the audience orally with the aid of ICT tools.
P3 public speaking 2.jpg

Primary 3 pupils building the confidence to speak in front of an audience

Primary 4 Public Speaking Programme
Equipped with public speaking skills, the Primary 4 pupils are challenged to learn how to present themselves like a newscaster. They are exposed to different events happening around the world throughout the sessions. Through the various collaborative activities, they keep themselves abreast of the current affairs and learn about having clear pronunciation and diction during presentation.
P4 public speaking.jpg
Primary 4 pupils applying the techniques/communication skills learnt and presenting their news articles in front of an audience

Primary 5 Persuasive Speaking Programme
After going through different experiences that teach and strengthen the fundamentals of speaking, our Primary 5 pupils will learn the art of persuasive speaking. Through this programme, they will learn the importance of the impact of words and coupled with the correct delivery, they convey different purpose, meaning and emotions. From this experience, pupils learn not only to be effective but also convincing speakers.
P5 persuasive speaking.jpg
Primary 5 pupils persuading their peers on given topics
Writing Programme

Prewriting uses a variety of methods and techniques meant to help writers generate ideas in response to a prompt and it activates their schema. By using one or more of these processes, these experiences provide the context and content for the pupils to think and talk about.
Pre-writing Lower P.jpg
Our Lower Primary pupils having their shared experience before doing their class writing

Pre-writing middle P.jpg
Our Middle Primary pupils coming up with solutions based on an authentic situation in their groups

Pre-writing Upper P.jpg
Our Upper Primary pupils brainstorming ideas for their prewriting discussion

In West View, pupils will not only learn narrative writing but also other text types like information and procedural texts. During this writing process, they will also be given opportunities to learn and hone their collaborative and ICT skills; skills that are much required for the 21st century.

Primary 5 pupils researching online to educate their juniors on the importance of water conservation