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WV as One

In developing future-ready pupils, West View emphasises on their development of character and citizenship. We strongly believe that values anchor pupils to be empathetic and confident individuals, who will then become effective members of the society. We translate this sound belief to opportunities for pupils to explore, apply and reflect.

We as One

It is important for us to ensure that West Viewans feel a sense of belonging to their class, the school and to the nation. Our citizenship programmes enable pupils to experience other cultures and, at the same time, be proud of their own. This way, we encourage pupils to acknowledge that there are differences among all of us yet the diversity is something we celebrate. With this as our core, pupils work collaboratively as they see value in everyone regardless of the differences.

Pupils showing off the end product of their upcycling project
Trying out different costumes during Racial Harmony Day
Learning about Indian food during one of the VIEWAN XPs

NE Show - a priceless experience that instils pride towards Singapore