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We are Leaders

WV Leaders

Every West Viewan is a leader - first to self and then to others. The pupils are taught to have a positive attitude and be a positive influence to others. This knowledge is translated into actions when various opportunities are created for them.

When West Viewans get the chance to lead their classmates and CCA-mates, we view our role as one to develop the pupils’ confidence to guide their peers and insti the dare in them to step out of their comfort zone.

At the pinnacle, there are the West View Prefects. As a prefectorial board, we strive to serve beyond ourselves in creating a positive experience for all. As an opportunity for the prefects to have a deep understanding of their specialised roles and responsibilities, they are divided into three niche areas - Diplomats, Safety Squad and Environment Corp. Each niche area is important yet, together, they form an invincible force.

Pic 1.jpg

Safety Squad prefects all ready to engage the P1-P4 buddies during recess
Pic 2.jpg

Environment Corp prefects played their part for the neighbourhood
Pic 3.jpg

Head Prefect Nur Sabrina leading the prefectorial board in reciting the Prefect’s Pledge for the first time