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An Empathetic Pupil, A Confident Leader, An Active Contributor to the Community

Through the different opportunities presented to the pupils, the identity we aspire for them to have is to be a confident leader, first to themselves then to others. As the pupils learn to be confident leaders, they will see the importance to have empathy towards others. With confidence and a sense of empathy towards others, West Viewans will then be active contributors to various communities.

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To inculcate values and a sense of ownership in West Viewans and provide them with the opportunities to display the values they learn

West View CCE Curriulum

Adaptation of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

As West Viewans become confident leaders, they learn and practise these 7 habits regularly. These habits are also emphasised on in various lessons and during the weekly Start-It-Right programme, West View’s weekly pre-assembly sessions.


Experience + Reflection

West Viewans are encouraged to reflect on the rich experience they have. According to Kolb’s Learning Cycle, when pupils think about what they have experienced, they create meaning of it. This interpretation that the pupils have can then be transferred to other aspects of their lives.

With this process, West Viewans do not just focus on what they are doing. Instead, they reflect on what they can learn from the activities or programmes so that the learning can be applied in future.