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Department Programmes

Artistes Of The Month

It is our belief that talents deserve to be recognised and highlighted. Once a month, selected West Viewans are highlighted as the Artistes of the Month and receive the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the entire school. These pupils serve as inspiration to their peers through their performances and sharing about their creative processes and them overcoming their challenges.

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Birthday Celebrations

Every child matters in West View Primary School. Therefore, we celebrate the birthday of every child. Through this collective celebration every month, pupils learn how to show appreciation to one another. Every month, Song Leaders are selected to lead the whole school in singing; and this opportunity helps to build pupils’ confidence in leading. This year’s birthday gift is a bag with a design created by one of our pupils.

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Recess Programmes

To maximise our pupils’ learning, a variety of experiences are provided for pupils to enjoy based on their interests. Pupils display self-directed learning as they decide on which activities to participate in. Through these experiences, pupils find joy in learning and develop their interest and passion.