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Art - What’s up in class?

West View Primary’s ACE is in line with Singapore’s Art Syllabus which comprises Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating. Pupils develop visual literacy which enables them to observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity. It also encourages the development of creativity while promoting a sense of self-worth.

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During Art lessons, pupils are engaged in art discussions on various artworks created by students, local artists, as well as international artists. The discussions enable pupils to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. They learn not only to appreciate the beauty of a completed artistic product, but also the effort and creative process behind it.


Inquiry-based techniques are used to instil critical thinking in pupils and encourage them to think out of the box, hence becoming creative creators. Pupils’ masterpieces are often displayed prominently to promote ownership and recognition as pupils derive a sense of accomplishment when they appreciate their completed product.


As part of the curriculum, pupils explore various themes, art forms and techniques to expand their knowledge and skills in the world of art. During lessons, pupils brainstorm for ideas, explore and experiment with new medium and techniques. They are also provided with opportunities to visit art museums, participate in art competitions, exhibitions and community art projects. Through such activities, pupils enjoy the enriching experiences while contributing to the community.