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WVPS nominated by MOE to be on radio primetime talk show on Capital 958, 3 June 2019.

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The morning 'live' radio talk show invited VP/West View Primary School (WVPS), Mr Quek Swee Nee, and parent, Ms Esther Koo, to discuss their views on P1 registration, including how WVPS reaches out to potential parents, what positive learning experiences the school provides for its students, and what parents should consider when choosing a primary school for their children.

On whether parents’ mindset about enrolling their children into a popular primary school had changed over time, Mr Quek said that only a small group of parents prioritised school popularity above other factors, while most parents were more concerned with their children’s well-being and interests. On WVPS' initiatives to support pre-school children in their transition to primary school, Mr Quek said that pre-school children from the neighbouring kindergartens were invited to participate in activities with WVPS'  students so that they could make more friends and learn more about the school. The school also organised an open house annually so that children and their parents could interact with staff to find out more about the school's programmes, and tour the school's facilities. Mr Quek also shared about STRIVE, a modular CCA scheme in WVPS, where students could participate in various activities across different domains and learn important social skills like teamwork, and develop an inquisitive mind.

Ms Koo credited WVPS for helping her to recognise the importance of giving her child the space to learn and make mistakes, and become a responsible and independent learner. Wrapping up the interview, Mr Quek urged parents to choose a primary school for their child based on the child's abilities and interests, instead of whether a school was popular or not.  


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West View Primary School's Tamil lesson featured in Vasantham

August 1, 2018

The Tamil Unit was featured in Vasantham's Tamil News on the 1st of August. 
The news covered on the featured lesson that encompasses the 21st century competencies such as to mould pupils to be competent and confident users of the Tamil Language. The TL unit has adopted the Letterland structure of creating stories about consonatal vowels and interactive games that allow them to speak freely and remember the Tamil alphabets well.

融入戏剧教学元素 维新小一生拍“苍蝇”学华文


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Seven new MOE kindergartens to be set up in 2021

The Straits Times
Aug 6, 2018

Seven new Ministry of Education (MOE) kindergartens will open in 2021, it was announced on Monday (Aug 6). The seven to be set up in 2021 will be located in primary schools and also offer Kindergarten Care services - an after-school childcare service. The primary schools are: Greendale, Cedar, Mayflower, Meridian, Tampines, West View and Zhenghua.
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2018年全国小学华语讲故事比赛 维新小学学生夺冠




教育部新母语教材 超过七成小学生的口语能力提升




Singapore schools starting to carry out anti-terror ‘lockdown’ drills

Oct 29, 2017

For the first time, schools here are conducting “lockdown” drills, with teachers and students locking themselves in classrooms and hiding from sight, in case an intruder with heinous intention enters the premises. At least three schools have conducted the new lockdown drills since the start of this year, TODAY learnt. Concord Primary School did it in the first quarter, West View Primary School held one in September, and most recently, Meridian Junior College’s drill was on Oct 20. 
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POSB Launches Digital Watch That Teaches Students To Manage Money

Channel NewsAsia
Aug 16, 2017

A digital watch that teaches children to manage their money was officially launched in 19 primary schools by POSB. The 19 primary schools participating in the programme are: Admiralty, Alexandra, Anchor Green, Bedok Green, CHIJ (Our Lady Queen of Peace), Concord, Fuhua, Haig Girls, Henry Park, Jurong West, Keming, Pei Chun, Raffles Girls, Shu Qun, Townsville, West Spring, West View, Woodlands Ring and Zhangde.
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小学办开放日助家长选校 幼儿园孩童游戏中体验小学生活

Kindergarten Immersion.jpg

位于武吉班让的维新小学(West View Primary)昨天则迎来70名就读区内职总优儿学府幼乐园(My First Skool)的孩童。他们在一年级学生“友伴”的陪同下,体验三小时的小学生活,包括在美术课制作开斋节小礼袋、与全体师生在礼堂观赏开斋节表演,并在食堂买食物。幼儿园孩童的家长也欢迎家长出席“观课”。

Primary schools organise programme to help parents decide when choosing a primary school 
(Lianhe Zaobao, 11 July 2017)

On 10 July, West View Primary in Bukit Panjang welcomed 70 kindergarten pupils from “My First Skool”. The pupils experienced three hours of Primary school life with their buddies, who are the current Primary One pupils studying in West View. During the Kindergarten Immersion Programme, the pupils were engaged in an art & craft activity whereby they created goodie bags, celebrated Hari Raya with all the pupils and staff in West View and experienced purchasing food from the school canteen. The parents of the kindergarten pupils were given the opportunity to join in the experience and observed their children in action.

West View Primary Lower Primary Year Head, Mrs Judy Chew, shared that while it had been a practice for the school to conduct Kindergarten Immersion Programmes, this year was the first time the pupils had the opportunity to make frequent visits to the school. During the previous two visits, the pupils enjoyed themselves with Music and Dance lessons, and an English lesson that involved reading Big Book. Through these experiences, kindergarten pupils became more familiarised with primary school life; the primary one pupils in West View also had the opportunity of taking care of the younger kindergarten children, developed their sense of responsibility at the same time.

As part of providing a holistic education for pupils, West View Primary emphasises on Aesthetics Education. After the school’s PERI upgrading, there is now an Indoor Sports Hall and new classrooms. Parents of the kindergarten pupils had the opportunity to visit the school’s new facilities. The school will be organising another Open House for interested parents.

A resident of Bukit Panjang, Mr Wang (36, Civil Servant) accompanied his daughter to West View Primary for the kindergarten immersion programme. He is currently considering two schools in the vicinity to enrol his daughter in. One of his choices is West View Primary School. He said, “I will choose a school in the neighbourhood so that my child will be able to save time on commuting. When a school organises such a programme, she is able to familiarise herself with the primary school environment through the experience; parents can also use this opportunity to learn more about the school’s environment and culture.”

Hothouse atmosphere takes hold in Singapore

Nikkei Asian Review
Apr 20, 2017
Lab on wheels.jpg

Children from West View Primary School learn how to programme small robot in Singapore's Lab on Wheels.

START YOUNG As the name suggests, the program centers on a mobile lab -- a converted bus that makes the rounds of elementary and junior high schools. Cheerful instructors teach children the basics of digital technology, including robotics, drones, 3-D design and game coding. The project is led by the IMDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.
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Revamped Pang Sua Pond in Bukit Panjang to be officially unveiled on Saturday

Mar 24, 2017

SINGAPORE — The revamped Pang Sua Pond in Bukit Panjang will be officially unveiled on Saturday (March 25), following a makeover under the Public Utilities Board’s Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters Programmme. Six schools and Cashew Constituency have pledged to be adopters of Pang Sua Pond. The six schools are Teck Whye Primary School, Zhenghua Primary School, Greenridge Primary School, Zhenghua Secondary School, West Spring Primary School and West View Primary School.
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Adoption of Pond.jpg
West View Primary School Principal, Mr Eddie Foo received the adopter certificate during the opening ceremony of ABC Waters @ Pang Sua Pond on 25 March 2017.

Parents fret over pupils' late lunches despite snack breaks

The Straits Times
Jan 27, 2017

Some parents have voiced concerns that their primary school children are having lunch late due to later dismissal times as more schools switch to a single-session model.
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Keep Calm and Let Them Carry On

Aug 2, 2017

West View Primary School “Start It Right” programme runs for three solid weeks. Each student rotates through different orientation groups so they get to know everyone else in their cohort, as well as all the Primary 1 teachers. This may seem confusing, but the programme hangs together because all its activities centre around a single children’s book – Julie Lacome’s “Walking Through the Jungle”. It’s about the animals a boy encounters in a jungle, and the school uses it as a metaphor for their new pupils’ journey, giving them an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and concerns. (Schoolbag.sg)
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New programme launched to teach students about Singapore's heritage

Channel NewsAsia
Mar 1, 2016

SINGAPORE: A new programme was launched on Tuesday (Mar 1) to teach primary school students about the nation's heritage. The programme was piloted in two primary schools in July last year, Punggol Green Primary and West View Primary. A student said the tasks were difficult, but also fun and educational. "(The programme) also gave me more chances to interact with my family, friends and even my neighbors," said Charissa Khor, 8, a primary three student of West View Primary. “After taking on the tasks, I have discovered amazing things about our heritage.”
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1,500 balls for school rugby players

The Straits Times
Nov 14, 2015

The school-based "Pass It On" programme reflects SRU president Low Teo Ping's desire that every young player should own a rugby ball.ST PHOTO: ALICIA CHAN
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Niche scheme in primary schools being phased out

Channel NewsAsia
Jun 29, 2015

SINGAPORE : The niche scheme was introduced 10 years ago to help every school develop excellence in a particular field but it has attracted its fair share of controversy. And schools are now starting to move away from the achievement-oriented scheme.
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Students celebrate Kindness Day SG

May 30, 2014
Kindness Day.jpg
Education Minister Heng Swee Keat speaks to students at West View Primary School on Kindness Day SG. Photo: Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : Students from West View Primary School challenged themselves to acts of kindness with board games and also engaged in a dialogue on what kindness is; they even prepared and distributed sandwiches for others. 
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New programme on cyber bullying for primary schools

The Straits Times
Feb 12, 2014

Cyber wellness.jpg
Pupils from West View Primary School pledging to promote responsible online behaviour. The school is the first to roll out the new cyber wellness programme. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO
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