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Junior Sports Academic (JSA) Programme

JSA programme enable young students to explore, discover and develop their areas of interest and strengths. Through the programme, the students can strengthen their overall physical competencies and motivation in sports participation. They may subsequently make an informed choice to commit to a sport by enrolling in Singapore Sports School or a school with more targeted support or to join relevant sports organisations at the secondary school level and beyond. The pupils mentioned below that had undergone the trial were selected and enrolled into the programme.

JSA 2016.png

Metasprint Series Singapore

Mazie and Ronni from 3 Brilliant and 4 Fascinating participated in the Metasprint Series Singapore and chose West View Primary School as the team name to express their love for the school. The team emerged Champion in the competition.


Chinese Dance SYF Arts Presentation 2016

The Chinese Dance CCA aims for every member, through the learning and honing of dance skills, to build character, appreciate Chinese culture and be passionate about dance. Our dancers developed poise and nimbleness through disciplined and rigorous training. They enthusiastically practised and rehearsed during weekly practices on Mondays and Tuesdays. They put in additional practices during the school holidays as well. The hard work they put in truly exemplifies the school values, notably, the pursuit of Excellence and Aspiration to achieve. Their efforts paid off when the team attained the Certificate of Distinction at this year’s Singapore Youth Festival. The pupils really made their parents and our school proud as they showed their commitment to excellence in their performance.

Malay Dance SYF Arts Presentation

20 Malay Dance pupils took part in the biannual SYF Arts Presentation held at University Cultural Centre located at National University of Singapore (NUS) on 7 April 2016. The team comprises 2 boys and 18 girls, from Primary 3 to Primary 6. For most of the pupils, it was their first SYF performance. They started their intensive practice 3 months ago. The title of this year’s SYF performance is Tari Riasan Kipas and the dancers had to learn to use the foldable fans as props.During the actual competition day, the dancers showed great teamwork and determination as they aimed for excellence and success in their presentation. They were focused on the dance steps and tried their utmost best, displaying the habit of “I’m in charge”.  With much commitment and hard work, the Malay Dancers achieved the Certificate of Accomplishment. Kudos to the Malay Dance pupils for their effort towards striving for excellence!

                                      Excited Malay Dancers who can’t wait to perform

                  Malay Dancers with the dedicated CCA Teachers-in-charge and the parent supporters
               Photo taken after the performance with Mr Foo and Mr Quek who came to lend their support

West Zone Junior Rugby Championships

Our Junior Rugby boys came in SECOND in the West Zone  Junior Rugby Championships.  It was a very tough fight against Bukit Timah Primary School and we are very proud of the boys as they put up a very good display of resilience and sportsmanship. The determination displayed in their trainings and matches would help pave their journey towards the Nationals in July. 





Band SYF Arts Presentation 2016

West View Band has achieved the Certificate of Accomplishment in the SYF Arts Presentation 2016. The band would like to thank everyone who has continuously supported the pupils as they have practised hard and put a lot of effort into preparing for the SYF Arts competition. Competition was very tough this year and only 4 out of 31 schools in Singapore achieved the Certificate of Distinction.  Nevertheless, the band members have played their very best on stage and they gave an excellent performance.  The pupils have shown great responsibility and commitment in preparing for the Arts Presentation and what made the experience memorable for them was how they have overcome past failures, made continuous improvement and built strong bonds of friendship. They have displayed tenacity and perseverance as well. The band teachers are extremely proud of the pupils as they have witnessed the pupils’ growth and how they have displayed the 7 habits during tough practices by being in charge of themselves (Habit 1), working together as a team (Habit 6), having a plan to juggle their time between studies and practices (Habits 2 and 3) and taking care of their own health (habit 7).








Bhangra Dance SYF Arts Presentation 2016

Let’s congratulate West View’s Bhangra Dancers for attaining the Certificate of Accomplishment in the SYF Arts Presentation 2016.  The presentation was held in the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore. The Bhangra Dancers demonstrated commitment and determination in mastering their dance steps. Ultimately they have shown resilience, putting up a great performance during the Arts Presentation. The school would like to thank all dancers for their commitment and hard work, parents for all the support rendered, teachers-in-charge and instructors for their dedication and school leaders for their unwavering support.



North West Outstanding All Rounder Student (OARS) Award 2016

Ryan Tan Yan Xu and Dhanasekaran Janaardhanaprabu from 6 Fascinating have been awarded with the North West Outstanding All Rounder Student (OARS) Award 2016. An award that celebrates students’ holistic achievement, the OARS Award aims to recognise students who have achieved good academic results in 2015, active participation in CCA and student leadership.Dhanasekaran Janaardhanaprabu, or Janaa, is the captain of the Rugby Team, one of the niche CCAs in West View. As an effective leader in the field, he led the team by example to have courage in facing different opponents. His peers looked up to him as an example as he frequently displays sportsmanship and advocates it to the other members of the team. As a prefect, Janaa remains steadfast in carrying out his duties. With his leadership quality and positive attitude, Janaa has been chosen to be the Head Prefect – a role he has embraced with pride.Ryan Tan Yan Xu, or Ryan, has represented West View in numerous competitions as a member of the Innovation Club. His eloquence and confidence is commendable as he leads different groups of pupils for class and school programmes. As a prefect, Ryan takes the initiative to advocate positive values and attitude to the other members. Ryan is leading the prefects in the Environment Corp as a Vice Head.Well done, Ryan and Janaa, continue to be wonderful role models!


West Zone Rugby Championships

Congratulations to our rugby senior boys for clinching the Champion award at the West Zone Rugby Championships (Senior Boys). Noteworthy is that the team was also given the Team Sportsmanship award, for displaying good character and sportsmanship through the season. We are indeed proud of them and hope that they bring this spirit into the classrooms and their personal lives.

Boys in action




Team Photo with Trophies