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VIEWAN XP (Experience)

West View believes that all pupils must be given the opportunities for common shared experiences. This provides deep learning, allowing collaborative and effective learning to take place. In science, many engaging learning experiences are conducted for all levels.


All pupils are given the opportunity to observe, explore and classify preserved animal specimens based on their characteristics. This provides pupils with an authentic experience through the experiential learning on animal classification.

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The P4 pupils went on a Learning Journey to the River Safari where they were given opportunities to explore the conservation efforts that are being employed both locally and around the world. These efforts are in place to preserve and conserve the biodiversity of our planet. Pupils were also exposed to various species of animals and their Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List status, and the possible negative impacts of human activities on nature. 

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A walkthrough in NEWater Visitor Centre to understand Earth’s natural processes and appreciate Earth as a self-sustaining system. Pupils will show concern for clean water as a limited resource and the need for water conservation.
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