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Pupils with inquiring minds

To provide pupils with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment. 

Science Curriculum 
The spirit of scientific inquiry is established on the following integral domains- (1) Knowledge, Understanding and Application, (2) Skills & (3) Processes and (4) Ethics and Attitudes. Our programmes are carefully designed for deep learning to take place amongst the pupils. Pupils are better able to relate and make connections to their social, personal and naturalistic environment, making learning more meaningful. 


By the end of Primary 6 at WVPS, pupils should be able to: · 
  • use basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them ·
  • develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry

Key Programmes

Instructional Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

Distinctive Programmes

Explicit Teaching of process skills

(Process skills package)

Science Creative Toy Competition

Applied Learning Programme:

          ·         Vertical Farming

          ·         Pang Sua Pond

          ·         Composting

Investigate & Explore (I & E) Activities

Science Olympiad

Da Vinci (Science)

Science Maniac Quiz




Shared Learning Experiences

·         P3 (Classification of Animals)

·         P4 (River Safari – Animal Conservation)

·         P5 (Handball game as a system)

·         P6 (Archery – STRIVE)

·         Science Centre Lessons

              -   P4 (Light Experiment)

              -   P5 (Diversity of Cells)

              -   P6 (Aquatic Plants and                   Animals)