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Mother Tongue


Competent & Confident Users of Mother Tongue Language with a love for Mother Tongue Culture
We will enthuse the students in learning Mother Tongue so that they will become competent and confident users of the MTL languages. Through the inculcation of values, students will develop a love for MT and appreciate our culture.


To make the learning of Mother Tongue Language an enjoyable experience and encourage children to learn the language to the best of their ability.

Mother Tongue Curriculum

We use differentiated instructions and activities to cater to the different needs of our students who come from a diverse language background.

By the end of Primary 6 at WVPS, students should be able to:
Be competent in listening, speaking, reading, writing & interacting with one another in their Mother      
        Tongue Language
Achieve a deeper knowledge of their own Mother Tongue culture and values 

Enriching Learning Experience

The enriching learning experience aims to instil passion and promote an interest in the learning of the Mother Tongue Languages. 
At West View, we strive to stimulate our students' interest in learning by creating a conducive environment where the language is used. We aim to develop a love for the language, and to understand and appreciate our MT culture. 

How a Lower Primary Mother Tongue Lesson Looks Like

Albert Einstein once said: 'Interest is the best teacher'. At West View, we use games and other interesting activities to promote interest and reinforce learning so that our Mother Tongue lessons are fun and engaging. 

IMG_2200 2.JPG
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IMG_2209 2.JPGIMG_2211 2.JPG


1 LOWP MT a.jpg

1 LOWP MT b.jpg
1 LOWP MT c.jpg
 1 LOWP MT d.jpg
1 LOWP MT e.jpg  

Upper Primary Lessons focus on Receptive and Productive Skills

As students progress from listening to speaking skills, they have opportunities in the classroom to use the Mother Tongue Language. 



2 UPP P MT b.jpg

2 UPP P MT a.jpg
2 UPP P MT d.jpg
2 UPP P MT c.jpg

2 UPP P MT e.jpg
  2 UPP P MT f.jpg
 2 UPP P MT i.jpg 2 UPP P MT g.jpg

2 UPP P MT h.jpg