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Every year, different levels went various learning journeys to provide pupils with a shared experience upon which they can build their learning on. Learning activities and assessments based on the over-arching theme for the learning journey are crafted for the pupils.

P2 Learning Journey

The Primary 2 pupils went on a learning journey to the Jurong Bird Park. The pupils learnt some interesting facts about birds and applied some of the Mathematics skills they have learnt in class. 

The pupils worked in teams to find out information needed to complete their activity booklet. For the topic on Mass, they found out about the weight of a king penguin and a brown pelican before comparing their masses. For the topic on Graph, they counted the number of owls and marked it on the graph. There are numbers involved for measurements such as length and volume to know more details on the characteristics of the birds. The pupils shared their findings with one another in the post discussion.   

Apart from their learning experiences during the group work, the pupils had some fun too! The pupils watched the ‘High Flyers‘ Show at the Pools Amphitheatre. They went to the live show and were entertained by the colourful Macaws who performed spectacular stunts. Pupils also experienced the hands-on ‘Lory Feeding Session’. 

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P4 Shared Experience

The P4 pupils went on a learning journey to the Butterfly Park. They learned about the theme on conservation. For the application of Mathematics, pupils worked in teams to research on different animals and how their population have been affected. Using Microsoft Excel, pupils created graphs illustrating the fluctuations in the number of animals they are researching on and analysed its trends. They presented their findings on a poster that was shared with the class.

This term, they will be making ice cream. As part of the assessment for Mathematics, the pupils will be required to calculate the amounts required for the ingredients, tapping on their knowledge on measurements. On top of that, they would also be involved in budgeting for the ice cream making activity.