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Resources For Parents and Pupils

Parents play a huge role in their children’s development. Study has shown that pupil’s achievement improves when their parents play an active role in their education. You can help to connect what your child learns to their everyday life. 

The following scenario is an example where parents can engage their children in the application of Mathematics concepts.

At the supermarket

- Mass/Volume : Having a feel of the mass of different items such as fruits and packets of sugar/rice provide a child an idea of how heavy 100g or 1kg is. It is same for looking at different capacities of liquid containers with their contents.

- Four operations of money : Calculation of the total amount of money spent on the items bought. It will raise the challenge if a budget is given.

- Proportion : Calculation of  the number of packets of apples or oranges to buy with a given budget and the number of fruit required.


- Percentage : calculating the amount of savings with the given percentage discount or GST to pay.

Other than application of concepts in daily life, parents can make use of technology to enhance their children’s learning. 

Here are some of the interesting websites recommended :



A website with virtual manipulative. Useful for learning addition and subtraction with renaming.




A website with online resources and games.



A website with worksheets, games and puzzles.



A website with practices of Maths concepts through play.



A website with interesting games to reinforce Maths concepts learnt.