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Objective: To develop the child's instinct to protect himself and empower him to take responsibility for his own wellness in cyberspace.
Synopsis: The Cyber Wellness Programme in West View Primary School encourages our pupils to adopt the 'Sense-Think-Act' approach when they are online. We want to teach our pupils how they can become a safe and responsible user online by conducting Cyber Wellness lessons and activities carried out by our Cyber Warriors and Teachers.


Safer Internet Week @ West View 2018

Safer Internet Week at West View was a week-long event, with a variety of activities carried out for the pupils. With the theme ‘A Better Internet Starts with You’, pupils learnt to be safer and better Internet users.

For the first time, pupils are introduced to our very own Cyber Wellness mascot designed by Ho Wei Rui from 6 Gratitude. The mascot was a digitalised version of his drawing. They took part in a competition to name the mascot and taglines for Cyber Wellness. After an enthusiastic voting session, we are pleased to introduce our new mascot: WV Cyberbot!

The pupils also came up with wonderful taglines and the selected tagline is: Cyber Wellness Begins with ME! 

Cyber Warriors came up with interesting game booths to promote importance of Cyber Wellness among the pupils. The booths were attracted eager pupils who were encouraged to find out more about Internet Safety. Task cards were distributed to guide the pupils through the various activities so that they will not miss out on any fun! 


WV Cyberbot Meet-and-Greet

WV Cyberbot comes alive! Our Cyber Warriors introduced our WV Cyberbot to pupils during recess. They distributed bookmarks illustrating our Cyber Wellness mascot with our tagline. Our pupils were excited to come and meet Cyberbot in person. They even shook hands and ‘high-fived’ with the Cyberbot.


Cyber Wellness Assembly Programme

The P4 and P5 pupils were invited to participate in the Young Scientist: I’m A Young I.T. Whiz in Term 2 where they had the chance to win prizes for Early Birds and Best Works. The prize winners were announced during the assembly programme on 26 September 2016. 

Cyber_AP (2).jpg
Ogawa Tamaki (4 Fascinating) and Mohanty Stuti Prangya (5 Fascinating) also shared their meaningful takeaways that they gained from participating in the activity this year. 

Cyber_AP (3).jpg

With the increased number of accidents happening while people use their phones when walking, it has become a concern. Thus, pupils were reminded on Cyber Safety (online and offline) after the prize presentation.   

Afterall, Safety (online or offline) is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Cyber Wellness Recess Activities

With the objective of raising pupils’ awareness on Cyber Wellness meaningfully, station booths are set up during recess times for pupils at least once per semester.

Activities includes The Wheel of Cyber Wellness, Goal! and The Cyber Wellness Board Game

cy-recess (2).jpg

Pupils participated in quiz in which they were able to find the answers from the enriching and informative display board set up. 

These ongoing activities are planned and executed by our Cyber Warriors, who were involved in planning and executing the station activities, as well as the parent volunteers, who ensured the smooth flow of the activities on the day itself.