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P1 VIEWAN XP @ Animal Management Centre (AMC)

    In term 2, the Primary 1 pupils visited the AMC to learn about responsible pet ownership. During their trip, they had the opportunity to meet two well-trained dogs, Merci and Tuxedo, and try out some of the dog commands with their trainer’s guidance. Besides dogs, the pupils also interacted with rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and a terrapin. It was indeed a day filled with excitement for the children. 

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     The takeaways from this shared learning experience were used to fuel the pupils in their class writing about their personal recount of the visit. Pupils were more engaged and able to contribute more ideas to their writing as they had a common experience as a class to build on the content and context for responsible animal care to think and talk about.

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Primary 2 VIEWAN XP@ Singapore Discovery Centre

The shared learning experience of the Primary 2 VIEWAN XP aimed to achieve the enduring understanding that everyone has a part to play in ensuring safety and it should not be taken for granted. Pupils should also realise that in order to stay safe and secure, it is important to be prepared so that the right actions can be taken to prevent accidents. 

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 As a key learning experience, pupils visited Singapore Civil Defence Force’s exhibition at the Singapore Discovery Centre. The pupils learnt that Total Defence involves every Singaporean playing a part, individually and collectively, to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation.  When we are strong, we are able to deal with any crisis.  During the session, they picked up various skills such as first aid and emergency preparedness.      

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 In addition, the fire evacuation drill in West View Primary School during the same time frame reinforced the enduring understanding for the pupils. Incorporating both English and non-core subjects into their key learning experience, pupils wrote a list of safety tips and created a poster. In line with the enduring understanding of togetherness, pupils completed their tasks in groups so as to provide a collaborative and enriching learning experience. 

P3 VIEWAN XP - Readers' Theatre

The Primary 3 pupils embarked on a learning journey to Victoria’s Theatre to watch the Gruffalo play. This learning journey enabled pupils to leverage on their strengths as well as their peers after observing the differences amongst the characters. 

P3 Theartre 1.jpg

 Through this learning journey, pupils learnt about teamwork and how the actors in the story portrayed the different characters through their body language and tone of voice. 

 After watching the play, pupils were given scripts to put up a Reader’s Theatre performance in the school library. They practised and collaborated with their groupmates to deliver the performance. 

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 The Reader’s Theatre activity proved to be a great way to develop fluency.  It was definitely an enriching learning experience for the pupils amidst the fun that they had. 

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Primary 4 VIEWAN XP : Information Report on Animal Conservation

P4 Animal Conserve 1.jpg
The focus for the Primary 4 VIEWAN XP was on Animal Conservation. It enabled pupils to understand the importance and interdependence of people, animals and the environment in our ecosystems. The enduring understanding is that conservation is vital not only for animals but for all living things. As human beings, we play a crucial role in conservation to ensure the continuity of life and the availability of resources. 

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            Pupils visited the River Safari, as a shared learning experience, to learn about the important role they play in the circle of life. Working in groups, pupils made their selection from a list comprising the various animal groups. They utilised the skills learnt during their English lessons as well as collaborative learning and effective communication for the writing of their information reports to convince others to play their role to save the animals.

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P5 VIEWAN XP: Water Conservation

P5 Water Conserve 2.jpg

P5 Water Conserve 1.jpg
        The VIEWAN XP for the Primary 5 pupils which integrated English, Mathematics and Science was on water conservation. The enduring understanding is that clean water is an essential element and a basic need for human survival, especially for a small nation like Singapore. Through a visit to the NEWater Visitor Centre, pupils learnt about the water challenges in Singapore and the innovative solutions used to achieve water sustainability.

P5 Water Conserve 3.jpg
    As a follow-up activity, pupils worked in groups and created brochures to promote the awareness of the importance of water conservation. As part of their Mathematics lessons, they learnt how to compare water bills before and what after actions to implement and how to evaluate their efforts on conserving water. In Science, the focus was on the water cycle and the impact of water pollution. Through a given scenario, pupils learnt how they would get clean water using a few available materials to survive if they were stranded in a desert.