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Vision & Mission


Passionate Learners, Confident Leaders
– it envisions every West Viewan, a talented pupil, is passionate and enjoys learning, confident and motivated to make a difference; thereby going on to fulfil his/her potential. When pupils have joy and passion for what they learn, they will have the necessary confidence and motivation to work towards their desired goals. As such, the school seeks to provide platforms and create varied opportunities to ignite the passion and joy of learning in pupils and ultimately moulding them into caring and confident individuals to take actions to live their passion every day and for the future. 


A vibrant school where we strive to do our best.
– the mission of West View Primary School is to be an institution of vibrant learning, a place where pupils are endowed with varied opportunities to discover their interests and hone their innate abilities, broaden their horizons and excel to their personal best. The school will provide our pupils with a balanced and wellrounded education, developing them to their potential, and nurturing them into good citizens who are conscious of their responsibilities to their families, the society and country and wanting to take a lead to make a difference. As responsible pupils, they will take charge of their own learning and carry out their responsibilities as a caring citizen without being told.