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Principal’s Message

Every Child, a Talented Pupil

Happy New Year 2018 to one and all! 2018 is an important year for West View Primary School (WVPS). It is our school’s 20th anniversary! There is indeed much to celebrate. Over these twenty years, we have not only produced thousands of pupils with excellent academic, physical and aesthetics achievements but also nurtured many well-rounded successful individuals who have the passion and confidence to do well in life. It is always heartening to receive compliments from the community that the school has established a reputation for being a school with good discipline and engaging programme to enthuse pupils, and our pupils are noted to demonstrate the school’s ICARE values – integrity, commitment, aspiration, responsibility and excellence.

Academic excellence while important is not the only thing that will determine a child’s successful future. Character development plays just an important part in ensuring that our students are self-directed individuals who are able to translate what they have experienced into information they can use to regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. In this aspect, our pupils have not only done very well academically in the PSLE 2017 and other cognitive competitions but also excelled in other aspects of student leadership, sports and the arts. These are testimonies that the school is on the right track in developing holistic children poised for future learning.


In WVPS, we believe that every pupil is unique and endowed with different gifts and talents. It is up to each of us to discover and grow these gifts and talents of every pupil. Indeed, this school is more than mere mortar and bricks that the buildings are made of; this school is an institution of vibrant learning, a place where pupils discover their innate talents and abilities, broaden their horizons and excel to their personal best.

We envision every West Viewan a Passionate Leader, a Confident Leader. In this school, pupils are passionate and enjoy learning, confident and motivated to make a difference; thereby going on to fulfil his/her potential. We believe that when our pupils have joy and passion for what they learn, they will have the necessary confidence and motivation to work towards their desired goals. In this aspect, the school strives to provide platforms and create varied opportunities to ignite the passion and joy of learning in pupils; ultimately moulding them into caring and confident individuals to take actions, to live their passion every day and for the future. Besides providing the regular curriculum, we have our own school’s key signature programmes. As you take time to browse through our school website, you will get to see and feel the vibrancy and heartbeat of our school’s regular and enriched school-based key signature programmes in developing children holistically. 


Mr Eddie Foo