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School Management Committee

School Leaders
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Head of Department (HOD)
Mdm Yow Ai Hui
HOD ICT/School Staff Developer

To quote William G Spady, I believe that "All students can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way". In this new digital age, meaningful and pervasive use of technology not only can help to engage children to learn at their own pace but also provide opportunities for learning to be more customised and collaborative. 
Year Head for Upper Primary

As a Year Head, I believe in the importance of developing a child holistically. Children learn best when their emotional and social needs are well taken care of. A child will flourish if he or she is positive, engaged and finds joy and meaning in his or her learning. As educators, we must look at every child as individuals with different kinds of strengths and talents. 
They must be given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
Year Head for Middle Primary

Year Head for Lower Primary

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin  

Children learn best from experience. I believe that hands-on experiences create a crucial foundation for young children. They learn by doing, using their senses, exploring their environment of people, things, places and events. This active engagement promotes greater mental agility that helps them to retain new learning and integrate it with what they already know. 
Mr Matthew Chua
HOD English Language

In this globalised and delicate world, it is important that the pupils are equipped with the skills to be affective communicators who seek to understand and be understood.
HOD Mathematics

I believe all children will find meaning in learning Maths if they have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt. As an educator, it is of utmost importance for me to provide opportunities for children to explore, create, investigate and solve real-life Maths problem. These opportunities will inherently open up possibilities to move beyond expectations about what children can do and learn.
Mdm Efizah Bte SamatHOD Science
I believe that the way to learn Science is to engage the curious minds among our children in their quest for continuous learning. In this school, we provide our pupils with the experiences which stimulate their curiosity about the things around and their environment and build on their interest. As children investigate and explore, they will question and wonder, and through discovery, they learn.
Mdm Lew Yee Loo MichelleHOD Mother Tongue Languages
爱因斯坦说兴趣是最好的老师 , 我们应该以学生的兴趣为导向,努力营造母语学习环境,让他们感受母语的魅力,加强对母语文化的意识。

I believe that high-quality PE and CCA Programmes enable pupils to develop a wide range of soft skills and values, which is critical to help them achieve success in life. I envisage pupils of West View Primary to be active individuals who adopt healthy lifestyle, passionate in what they pursue and confident in leading others.
HOD Character and Citizenship Education

Education is not solely academic. Through rich holistic experiences in school, a child learns to be an individual of sound moral character, vital for ethical behavior ; and performance character, critical when striving for excellence. Both aspects of character instilled in the child can create a resilient individual who is empathetic and takes action to contribute back to the community.

Mrs Charmian New
HOD  Aesthetics & LLP

Every child is unique with talents waiting to be discovered and developed. Opportunities are provided through Aesthetics and CCAs for pupils to discover and develop their talents. Through the learning process, pupils develop resilience and are equipped with life skills and values; becoming passionate learners and confident leaders. With encouragement and support, every child is capable of producing his/her very own masterpiece.

     Subject Head (SH) / Level Head (LH)  
Mr Ho Yeow Lin PeterLH Science

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow." Edward Teller

Through Science education, I believe that pupils will develop the scientific habits of mind and use scientific inquiry to explore new things. 
When pupils are curious and question about the things around them, they learn to tackle unfamiliar situations effectively, gather evidence independently and generate their own conclusions and explanations. Through such experiences and over time, they will become the problem solvers of the future.
SH Malay Language & Tamil Language

Children are motivated to better themselves in a supportive and encouraging environment. Every child should have a taste of success and no achievement is too small to be mentioned. I believe teachers should be innovative in their teaching approaches and constantly hone their craft to excite pupils and better engage them in their learning. Through the use of Malay literature, I seek to ignite hope, develop confidence and help pupils to love Malay Language.
SH Student Management

As stated in DI ZI GUI (见人恶 即内省 有则改 无加警)," when you see others do wrong, immediately reflect upon yourself. If you have made the same mistake, correct it. If not, be extra cautious not to make the same mistake." Discipline is not about blind obedience, it's having the right mentality and responsible behaviour. It is the development of the child - head, heart and hand.

 Mrs Karin Tan-Chan Yee TuangSH High Progress Learners

I believe that within every child lies a greater potential waiting to be unleashed. To quote Maria Montessori, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world”. As educators, we walk this journey of discovery together with our pupils, guiding them towards the direction to unleash their greater potential, preparing them to our best for the future world.   
Mdm Tay Li Gek
Assistant Year Head for Lower Primary

It is the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen –John Wooden

A positive school experience will allow our children to develop academically and holistically. I believe that by looking into the little details such as lending our pupils a listening ear, being supportive and motivating will help them to achieve their best. All we need to do is to pay attention to what they need and help them to reach their potential.
Mdm Rajvinder KaurAssistant Year Head (Upper Primary)

While teaching content is important, our pupils will never forget how we have taken time to listen to them and genuinely care for their well-being. And, since the way I talk to pupils shapes their inner voice, I find it very important to spread positivity and help them find their individual sparks. This little gesture of care will definitely create an enjoyable experience where pupils will be motivated to give their personal best in school and in whatever they do!
Mdm Cheng Siew KimLevel Head/ Chinese Language


Mdm Chen Jing TingSubject Head/ ICT

In today's rapidly changing digital world, it is essential to leverage technology to empower our pupils to learn at their own pace but also to educate them as responsible and ethical online citizens. As an educator, I strongly believe that by providing purposeful, interactive and engaging learning experiences, our pupils will be equipped with the essential skills and competencies to thrive in this technology-driven world.

  Senior Teacher (ST) Guild 
ST Learning Needs 

To me, there is one special quality that a pupil can develop that will guarantee greater success, accomplishment and happiness in life - the quality of self-discipline. I believe that self-discipline will strengthen every other discipline in a pupil's life. The act of self-discipline can be as simple as having a habit of checking the timetable for the next schooling day or even brushing teeth at night. Over time, the student will soon learn to be able to discipline himself to accomplish even larger things, like being more resilient and working harder to push himself to greater heights.

Mrs Esther Chan-Lim Siew Hiang
ST Mathematics

All pupils can learn Mathematics and they need to believe it. To me, helping pupils to first develop a love for learning Mathematics is important. When a pupil begins to love learning Mathematics, he/she will be willing to put in more effort and time to raise his/her competency. In turn, he/she will see an improvement in his/her performance and will be motivated to put in more effort to learn more about the subject. It will be a virtual cycle.
Mdm Tan Hoon Hoon
ST Chinese Language


   Mr Tan Kee Jin Senior Teacher/Physical Education
I aim to help pupils build a strong foundation for a healthy and active life. I want my pupils learn and strive to master fundamental movement skills and concepts. With the attainment of these fundamentals, I hope to see them transiting to more challenging movement activities. I want to encourage my pupils to develop good health practices in terms of nutrition, exercise and hygiene. With these practices, they will adopt a healthy lifestyle through regular and purposeful health-enhancing physical activities.
Tan Soon HuiSenior Teacher/English Language(Internal)

Every child is different and has his own potential. As an educator, I believe in encouraging our pupils to focus on their unique strengths to reach their fullest potential.

I am committed to build on a culture of continuous learning and improvement in the school so that teachers can be empowered to fulfil the potential of every child in WVPS.