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Profile of School Leaders

p.jpgMr Eddie Foo was appointed Principal of West View Primary School since December 2014. Over the past 18 years in the Education Service, Mr Foo has served in various leadership capacities in schools, including Subject Head in Student Management and Head of Department in Mathematics in Gan Eng Seng Primary School, and Head of Department in English Language and Vice-Principal in Pasir Ris Primary School. He has also served as Curriculum Planning Officer in Mathematics in Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education (MOE).

In 2004, Mr Foo was conferred the National Day Award: Efficiency Medal for his exceptional efficiency and devotion to duty in the field of education. In 2006, he was awarded the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship to pursue his Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching. In 2014, Mr Foo was selected by MOE to attend the Leaders in Education Programme, an executive programme to prepare him for school leadership. In 2016, Mr Foo was conferred the National Day Award: Public Administration Medal (Bronze) for his outstanding efficiency, competency & industry in the field of education.

Mr Foo strongly believes that every child is a winner who can learn and achieve to the maximum potential when given the proper guidance and nurture. Every child is unique and endowed with different gifts and talents. It is therefore up to each of us in school, home and society to discover and grow that gift and talent that he or she aspires to grow into a useful person – not just in school but for the rest of his or her life.

vp1.jpgMr Quek Swee Nee joined West View Primary School as Vice-Principal in May 2015. He has served in the education service for the past 11 years. After graduating from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2005, he joined the teaching profession as a Mathematics and Physical Education teacher in Bukit View Primary School. In 2008, he was appointed Head of Department PE, CCA and Aesthetics. He served in Xingnan Primary School as Vice-Principal from 2011 to 2014. Subsequently, he pursed the Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching) in the National Institute of Education, NTU, and attended a Summer Term attachment to the University of Melbourne under the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship.

During his undergraduate course of study, he was awarded the Singapore Sports Council Book Prize for best performance in Sports Science. While he was in Bukit View Primary School, he was conferred the Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) for his enthusiasm, youthful idealism and active involvement in the development of youth beyond the formal curriculum. An avid sports enthusiast, he has represented Singapore in several World Ultimate Frisbee Championships over the last 10 years. After his retirement from the national team, Mr Quek continues to volunteer his time developing and growing Ultimate Frisbee in Singapore. In 2020, Mr Quek received the National Day Award: Commendation Medal for his significant efficiency, competence and devotion as an educator.

Mr Quek strongly believes that every child can learn, achieve and contribute. Like a sapling, the child needs a safe and conducive environment to learn, scaffolding to grow and strong fundamentals to stay anchored. Every child is talented and gifted in their own ways. It takes the partnership among educators, parents and the community to recognise the child’s talents and strengths so that to bring out the best in him or her.

Mrs Chia-Lai Seow Poh joined West View Primary School as Vice-Principal in December 2017. She has started her teaching career in Corporation Primary School since 1995. In 2000, she was appointed Head of Department Mathematics. Over the 22 years that she has passionately served Corporation Primary School, she has led in numerous milestone events which included the school’s opening ceremony at the new premise in 2002 as well as its 30th and 35th anniversary celebrations. She conceptualised and spearheaded the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) when the school was one of the 12 piloting schools for PAL back in 2009. In December 2013, Mrs Chia was appointed Vice-Principal and continued to steer Corporation Primary School in its pursuit of excellence while bringing out the best in every pupil.

Upon graduation from Nanyang Technological University with Bachelor of Arts (Education) in 1995, she was awarded the Singapore National Olympic Council Book Prize. In 2006, Mrs Chia was one of the National Day Award Recipients for the Efficiency Medal.

Mrs Chia fully agrees with West View Primary School’s belief that every child is talented in his or her own way. She firmly believes that every child can learn and wants to learn. She looks forward to work with the WVPS team to ignite and sustain the joy and passion to learn in all West Viewans. With emphasis in providing a safe and supportive environment for learning as well as in partnering educators, parenting and the community to create opportunities and authentic learning experiences, Mrs Chia hopes to provide the guidance and support that is needed for all West Viewans to become the best that we can be. 

Mvpa.jpgs Patricia Chong joined West View Primary School as Vice-Principal (Administration) in December 2017. She has served in the Ministry of Education for 16 years in various capacities. She started as Administration Manager in Nan Hua Primary School in 2001. Over the 8 years in Nan Hua Primary School, she was involved in numerous school ICT-related projects, including the video conferencing exchange programme, school one-stop information centre and school digital photograph album centralisation. She was awarded the school’s Outstanding Contribution Award for her contribution in consolidating and centralising the school photograph album. 

In 2009, she moved on to Ministry of Education HQ as IT Masterplan Project Officer and was involved in School IT Masterplan Project, SSOE (School Standard Operating Environment) Project and TLLM Ignite! Project. During her 4 years in Ministry of Education HQ, she was awarded the MOE Unsung Hero Team Award and MOE Excellence Service Award. In 2013, she also awarded the National Day Award – The Efficiency Medal. After 4 years in Ministry of Education HQ, she moved on to Fuchun Secondary School as Administration Manager in 2013. During her 5 years in Fuchun Secondary School, she was awarded the Excellent Service Award (National Award) and school’s Outstanding Contribution Award for her contribution in school financial and administrative excellence.

Ms Chong strongly believes that the school financial and administrative excellence will provide a strong support to our school, pupils and parents. She will continue to deliver her excellence service in our school.