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Principal's Message


Happy New Year 2022 to one and all!

The last two years have been challenging yet rewarding for the school and I would like to thank all pupils, staff, parents and key stakeholders for your unwavering support. Indeed, when we play our individual part, help and support one another and stay united, we will overcome difficult times and emerge stronger. As we enter into a new year reflecting on our aspiration, purpose and values, we will confidently move forward as a school to produce pupils who will not only excel academically, physically and aesthetically but also have the passion and confidence to do well in life.


In this school, we believe that every West Viewan is a talented pupil. Every pupil is unique and endowed with different gifts and talents. It is here that they discover and grow their individual strengths, interest and abilities to their personal best. We assure parents that this school is more than mere mortar and bricks that the buildings are made of; this school is an institution of vibrant learning. 

In this school, we sensitise our pupils, as self-directed individuals who demonstrate the school’s ICARE values and PRIDE Learning Dispositions, to the developments taking place around them and educate them for the future. As you take time to browse through our school website, you will get to see and feel the vibrancy and heartbeat of our school’s regular and enriched school-based key signature programmes in developing children holistically. 


It takes a village to raise a child; hence we welcome and partner parents and the community to create varied opportunities and provide the best educational experiences for our children. Together, we will make West View Primary School the best school for them.


Mr Eddie Foo