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School Rules

As West Viewans, we must always uphold the good name and reputation of our school.

We will:
  • Be Punctual and Prepared for all school activities.
  • Be Neat and Tidy in appearance and work.
  • Be Courteous and Respectful to one and all.
  • Be Responsible for our words and actions.
  • Show Care and Consideration to all.
  • Be Self-Disciplined at all times.

Pupils in Proper Uniform

Boy-Attire.png Girl-Attire.png


Every child must have a name tag sewn above the school badge.

Socks & Shoes:

Plain white socks, without coloured trimmings, are to be worn with black canvas shoes. Socks worn should be at least 3cm above the shoes. Ankle socks are not allowed.

Acceptable Hairstyles:

Boys should keep their hair short. Fringe should be above the eyebrow. The side of the hair should not touch the ears. There should be a slope at the back.

Boy-Hairstyle (front).jpg Boy-Hairstyle (side).jpg

Girls with short hair should keep their fringe above the eyebrow. The back of the hair should not touch the collar. If the fringe is touching the eye brow, only black clips should be used to keep the hair tidy.

Girl-Hairstyle (front).jpg Girl-Hairstyle (side).jpg
Girl-Put on right earing(side).jpg

Girls with hair touching the collar should tie up their hair with a black rubber band. Girls should only put on ear studs less than 5mm in diameter. No dangling earrings are allowed. No gold earrings and ear studs are allowed.